Suddenly the left don’t like protests

Its an “unlawful” protest scream the left. “Shut it down!” Pretty much as the Stasi and its supporters screamed in East Germany as crowds formed to tear down the Berlin wall. (1989)

Leaving aside the left’s sudden onset of selective morality, its notable that protests against tyrannical govts seldom fit with what those govts would describe as lawful. Tiananmen square was “unlawful”.

The incredible bravery of the Tiananmen square tankman, (1989) who stopped a convoy of communist party tanks on his own. An “unlawful” protest according to the Chinese govt.

The basis of the “unlawful” claim is the trespass notice issued to the protesters. The NZ Herald breathlessly reported-

“Upon receiving the trespass notice at about 10.30am protest organisers reacted angrily, throwing it at the police officer in charge.”

Wow. Angry reactions? Fancy that.

Pania Newton, leader of the Ihumatao protest, rips up a Trespass Notice on stage

By this definition, the Ihumatao protest was unlawful, and when protest leader Pania Newton ripped the trespass notice up, she was lauded by the media. Jack Tame had her on Q and A and fawned over her quite sickeningly. The police showed up at the protest and played guitars and sang songs.

Police play guitars and sing ( a lovely tune) at the “unlawful” Ihumatao protest (2019)

Tame has said the Wellington Freedom protesters should be removed and gave thug speaker Trevor Mallard (whose taxpayer funded anger management course was obviously a waste of money) advice on how to do it. Tame said-

If the sprinklers didn’t work, maybe Trevor Mallard should bring in some speakers, and put the Crazy Frog song on repeat. Then, let’s cross our fingers for a good Southerly.

A past advisor to Jacinda Ardern wants her to use the army against NZ citizens. The sure sign of a thug state.

Mallard did as advised by Tame, showing the close relationship between media commentators and the Labour party. He put on the Crazy Frog song and others, and Tame also got his wish for some bad weather, with torrential rain soaking the protesters over the weekend. The arrogant Mallard made a game of the protest by asking for suggestions for his playlist from the morally dysfunctional leftist mob who dominate NZ twitter.

By the dawn’s early light, their flag was still there!

At dawn on Monday the protesters were still there and their flags were still flying.

On TV One this morning far left activist and fake newser John Campbell interviewed another leftist. Otago university Professor Andrew Geddis. (How come all we ever see interviewed are leftists. If there are so many white supremacists at the demonstration, why can’t we see one on mainstream TV?)

Andrew once told us Jacinda Ardern would never legislate vaccination mandates as to do so would contravene the Bill of Rights Act. However Ardern did indeed make vaccines mandatory, and now the professor wants to sic the police on to those protesting against this breach.

Former police crisis negotiator Lance Burdett was appearing with Professor Geddis. In an event that shocked John Campbell (note the scowl), Mr Burdett declared the violent assaults committed by police on Thursday, and the sprinklers being turned on, and the loud music being played, (all engineered by speaker Trevor Mallard), as the completely wrong thing to do. He even suggested the protests were validated by two years of draconian restrictions. Horror! Mr Burdett is never going to get another invite from John Campbell.

Crisis negotiator Lance Burdett says Speaker Mallard’s actions designed to drive the protesters away were a massive blunder

In a civilised society with a responsible govt, Mallard would be sacked for his clear misjudgments, but as we know from the speaker’s similar wrong doing in the past (costing the taxpayers big money), they have never been a concern for the Ardern regime.

An obviously violent and dangerous protester is dealt to by NZ police

The bottom line here, and why the left and their media soldiers are so upset, is that the freedom protesters are asking something different. Almost all other protesters are calling for more govt power, or more govt regulation, or more govt spending to fix a perceived important problem. That’s good with the left, who always want to keep govt growing.

The Freedom protesters are asking for small less powerful govt, and a reduction in regulations and that is why they are targeted with a hate and smear campaign by Jacinda Ardern and her media mercenaries. The protest is a slap in the face to the cold hearted Labour party actors who would convert NZ into a one party state forever, and make us slaves to the unelected bureaucrats of the United Nations.


At the protest, violent and dangerous white supremacists make threatening gestures

The protesters have issued a press release asking for dialogue on their demands. The document sets out the groups leading the protest. None of them are white supremacist or far right organisations. A copy of the release is in the pdf below. Please download and distribute.

Freedom Protest press release (pdf)


  • I had the vague notion that a Trespass Notice needed to name the one being trespassed. How did they do that at Lake Mallard?

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    • Don’t know for sure that any of the 120 arrested were charged under the notice. Maybe they were charged with other offences once under arrest and at the Police station.


  • Any legal beagles follow this blog? i have (successfully) issued Trespass Notices in the past and so have followed what was detailed as the proper process. But – as we know – one law for us, and another for the ‘rulers.’

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  • A supporter of this blog (Sam) has written a very informative article on the protest and the Ardern regime’s Covid19 tyranny.

    Its a massive battle being waged in Wellington, and he thinks the protesters are winning.

    The article is at this link.

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  • One thing is for sure, you can’t say history doesn’t appreciate irony. With the mood of a large part of the nation now wanting an opposition leader like Judith Collins, off-the-leash and in full attack mode, National has in the nick of time appointed a disintegrating wet bus ticket of a leader, Muller 2.0.

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  • Another great article. thanks for exposing the blatant hypocrisy of the media.
    After the so called gay therapy law where even consent is out-lawed, and new law restricting protesting at abortion centers, being told that euthanasia would be rare and hard t get (28 deaths in 2 months!) not to mention 3 Waters, Covid lockdowns/restrictions, climate/carbon laws, we are moving inevitable toward being a fully state controlled nation, all ‘egged’ on by corrupted media, and with useless to zero opposition. And, as ‘always’ national voter, it is tragic to watch Luxon miss all the ‘above’ opportunities to really ‘hurt’ Labour. Many ‘national’ people are appalled at his hiding behind Jacinda. The man has the heart and courage of jelly because he is afraid of the media. Who do we now vote for?

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  • Thank you so much to the brave citizens who are standing up for the rights of us all. I feel so privilidged to be seeing this happen. I feel it is making a difference and although the truth is not out the longer it goes on the more things are coming out. I would love to be involved in this but we are so far from the action!
    Good luck to you all – and thank you from the bottom of my heart – the day I had to get my first vaccine was one of the most difficult days of my life!

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