The arrest of Billy TK Jnr

Blues musician and political activist Billy Te Kahika was arrested last Wednesday for protesting against Ardern govt imposed Covid-19 lockdowns. “We have a low tolerance for unlawful gatherings,” said Police Commissioner Andrew Coster. “People can expect that we will move more quickly to enforce.”

Really? We’ll look for this increase in speed next time “Maori” gangs/activists or environmental protesters break the law Mr Coster.

Commissioner Coster is recognised as holding his position by way of his wokeness. Since his appointment he has stepped up race and gender based hiring policies, and it was this aspect of Mr Te Kahika’s apprehension that was strangely disturbing.

Billy TK arrest, policewoman at the fore

Anyone who witnessed the arrest would have seen the most active and enthusiastic law enforcement officer was a small relatively young woman who appeared to be of Indian-Asian ethnicity.

She was the first to rush towards Mr Te Kahika, and to drag him off with what looked like, under her Covid mask, a truculent expression. Watching the footage a few times, it became apparent that Billy TK’s arrest was a metaphor for New Zealand’s current deeply socialist political condition.

The arresting officer was probably a new NZer, and therefore unknowing of our ancestral regard for free speech and individual liberty. She was enthusiastically dragging off a fifth or sixth generation New Zealander, one whose family and forbears have lived here for ever, and who was protesting his freedoms being extinguished by big powerful govt.

The woman Police Officer was small and fragile, but by means of the power given to her by a questionable law, she had become an arrogant enforcer. She knew the male officers who were most likely her underlings would lose their jobs if they did not protect her from harm.

Mr Te Kahika was heard repeatedly beseeching his supporters to remain peaceful and the police suffered nothing other than hisses and boos and accusations of abuse of power. He was bailed on the draconian conditions he does not use the internet or associate with co-protesters. Conditions that cripple his basic rights to association and free speech.

This blog has no connection in any way to Billy TK, and does not know the true depth of Mr Te Kahika’s concerns. We must also admit to complete ignorance of the interests of the second person arrested, a Mr Vince Eastwood. (All up there were eight arrests.)

Nevertheless, in all of the reporting on this event, the media never fail to tell us they regard Billy TK with contempt, using pejorative terms like “conspiracy theorist” at every opportunity.

Now, we may not know too much about Billy TK, but we do know the media in NZ is extreme left, as corrupt as all hell, and firmly on the side of the Ardern govt, who sustains their businesses with taxpayer money. So when they are against somebody, its a pointer that perhaps that person has something to say that is worth listening to.

As far as can be ascertained, Mr Te Kahika’s complaints are (summarised) that Covid-19 is not the danger to the community that we were told it would be, that it is not more dangerous than other viruses we have lived through before, and that there are better solutions than shutdowns and mandatory vaccinations. He says our freedoms are being taken away on very questionable evidence.

Newshub poll

This is by no means an uncommon view. Millions of people all over the world have marched and protested for similar reasons. In France, the Police have taken off their helmets and joined them. In New Zealand, a recent media poll showed 61% were opposed to more vigorous police enforcement.

So Mr Te Kahika in respect of Covid-19 issues anyway, is perhaps not the outlier the corrupt and completely untrustworthy media paint him as. Or as Jacinda Ardern would like him portrayed as. Or that Mr Coster’s politicised Police Force staffed with culturally disconnected officers promoted by gender and race would see him as.

The manner of his arrest, his draconian bail conditions and the way it has all been reported may alert more citizens to just what is happening in Ardern’s NZ today, and add to the growing number of people worried about the politicisation of police, govt over-reach and a corresponding serious decrease in respect for individual liberty.


  • “Coster the Imposter”, specialist in te reo, mongrel mob feelings, and woke doctrine . . . never have we seen such a loser in a position of power, but then look who selected him!


  • Right on the nail again !
    I fully agree with Billy TK’s views on the hoax virus and the need to open the border .
    MSM fully corrupt along with their paymaster !


  • You are grasping at straws with this one Red. The whole bloody lot of them should have been locked up.


  • Great out very own Nazi Brown Shirt style police farce. All just obedient law followers


  • It’s a worry when the judiciary imposes bail conditions such as no internet access when as far as I’m aware they couldn’t impose this on him if he was actually convicted on his current charges. One would hope there would be some legal rule around this but I guess not.