NZ women’s soccer team clueless on taking the knee

New Zealand bears the embarrassment of owning the first team to “take the knee” at the Tokyo Olympics. The women’s soccer team did so before their match against Australia. A match NZ lost two goals to one.

NZ’s goal scorer Gabi Rennie was asked by NewstalkZB’s Heather Du Plessis-Allan why her team took the knee. Ms Rennie’s answer was garbled and incoherent. (see video below) She and most likely the rest of the team clearly do not have a clue what its about, and worse have a completely unreal understanding of the Black Lives Matter movement.

However the most offensive part of Ms Rennie’s answer was her constant reference to the team “using their platform”. So ill mannered on so many different levels, but most of all because its not exclusively “their” platform. They are representing New Zealand and its citizens, many who do not want to see politics mixed with sport, and do not share the NZ women’s soccer team’s view on BLM

Neither do they like being insulted as racists by this collection of misinformed and misdirected game players who are in Tokyo on the taxpayer dollar.

If by any chance you read this ladies, how about you just play sport and leave the politics out. How about you develop some manners and recognise that its not “your” platform. How about you cease so arrogantly insulting all of your fellow NZ citizens as racists. How about you clue yourselves up on who BLM really are. The facts-

    • BLM have just sent a message to the totalitarian communist Castro regime supporting it against the Cuban citizens demonstrating in the streets for democracy
    • BLM admit they are trained Marxists who want to destroy the family unit and replace democracy with a one party communist state
    • BLM are responsible for over $1 billion worth of property damage from rioting burning and looting in the United States
    • more than 700 police officers were injured in the riots
    • around 14000 BLM rioters have been arrested during the riots
    • At least twenty people have lost their lives as a result of the riots

What the hell are sports teams doing associating themselves with such a violent and destructive group of communist subversives? Someone in Olympic management sector needs to remind our people that they’re in Tokyo as representatives of all New Zealand to play sport and hopefully win.

The women’s soccer team lost their game against Australia. Let’s hope it wasn’t because they were focused more on taking the knee for a bunch of anti-democratic commie ratbags than they were on winning.


  • Well said Red

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  • Salacious Crumb

    When HDPA asked Rennie whether their actions were at the Colin Kaepernick end of the continuum or the English Football end, she has no idea. Says it all. Underperformed amateurs in every aspect.


  • Completely out of touch and virtue signalling bimbos.


    • Clueless sheep. What they fail to realize if they lived in BLM areas in the US those white bitches homes would be a target as well. Morons


  • A clueless, brainless bimbo totally brainwashed by our fake news media. Start watching different new sources sweetie.


  • This clueless bimbo really makes it embarrassing to be a Kiwi.