Trouble at Stuff News- someone let some truth through

Apparently not everyone working at Stuff is a leftist bimbo with their mind in a political strait jacket. Or maybe they are and they just didn’t read the item. Whatever, the person responsible for publishing some truth on Critical Race Theory in NZ schools is in trouble.

Dr Paul Crowhurst

Two days ago Stuff published an article by a Dr Paul Crowhurst, who is the Principal at Papatoetoe East Primary School in Auckland. The article was very critical of the “Unteach Racism” program and said it was difficult for teachers to instruct their pupils in such complex and subjective issues when it was almost impossible to teach them algebra. Mr Crowhurst finished off the article by saying-

We are going to miss all that we have achieved as a nation, while descending into a state of introspection that encourages people to resent one another. Young people in Aotearoa are living in a less segregated, more affluent, more culturally aware society than ever before. Our teachers should be motivating our rangatahi of all cultural backgrounds by focusing on our progress and the many reasons young people of all racial groups can realise their potential in our wonderful country.

Patrick Crewsdon Stuff Editor in Chief

Which is just about the first bit of truth Stuff have published in a long time, but of course they had to spoil it. The article was published at 4 am on the 14th June. Soon after, this notice appeared below the article-

Editor’s note: In response to this column, we will be publishing a different opinion from an educator on Friday, 16 July. We’re also reviewing Stuff’s process behind publishing this article to determine if it aligns with our company charter and editorial code of practice and ethics.

Well, there you go. A review of the process that allowed some truth to be published, and no doubt a strong warning if not a sacking to whoever made this grievous error.

Today Stuff have published a counter viewpoint, by a Ms Tania Fu, an Auckland Primary School teacher. An excerpt-

Sylvia Park school teacher Tania Fu wrote the counter argument

In a period of growing racial tension which can be seen internationally from Black Lives Matter or Stop Asian Hate movements, Aotearoa New Zealand is not secluded from this. As a teacher, I view Unteach Racism as our response to racial bias in our education system. In addition, I view it as our responsibility to begin a safe and productive dialogue around racism and human rights.

Apparently the second article was in full compliance with modern day Stasi-think, and there was no notation below it, or any review deemed necessary. All good.