An open message to the Howl of a Protest organisers

The media in New Zealand can tolerate farmers, as long as they stay in their box. its another thing when they organise protests against their Princess. Media are Jacinda’s Praetorian Guard, and whilst they might make a token effort at objective reporting, they’ll always employ subtle or even blatant deceit if it suits their purpose.

While they give full support to their green left friends, (for instance the Waiheke Island marina trespassers) they’ll do what they can to discredit any critic of their leader Ms Ardern. Ask Judith Collins.

The Praetorian Guard was an elite unit of the Roman army who served as personal bodyguards and intelligence for Roman emperors.

After all, Jacinda is their bread and butter. She feeds them millions of dollars of taxpayer funds, through grants, training scams, govt subscriptions, and advertising. For example the recent $3.5 million worth of otherwise unnecessary advertising for the Three Waters scheme. You think  the $130 million in the recent Covid19 hardship grants were bad, its nothing to the overall subsidies mainstream media gets from govt.

So they won’t be kind. They’ll downplay your protest. They’ll give it little coverage and they’ll take video and pictures that attempt to minimise its effectiveness. They will make the numbers attending look less. Don’t forget, these are the same deceitful partisan swine who refuse to report on anti-abortion protests and who ignored the huge anti-Covid19 shutdowns that occurred in the UK a few weeks ago.

The green left have as much control over social media as they do over the mainstream media, and that is where they will really come after you. There are the deceitful amoral cowards of Twitter and Facebook etc who lurk in the shadows and do all they can to discredit your organisation and its aims. Here’s just some of the duplicity they will employ-

    • They will already be spying on your organisation through subscriptions to any email lists you might operate.
    • They are also likely to have spies in your organisation itself who attend your meetings, take notes and report to their handlers
    • They will post fake social media messages, either pretending to be you or just spreading smears and untruths that are difficult to rebut
    • They will white ant you by pretending to be supporters who have been misled or otherwise treated badly
    • They will attempt to associate you with other groups who they and their media allies perceive as undesirable, and plant these ideas in the public’s mind
    • They will call you racists and white supremacists, and also strive to plant these ideas in the public’s mind
    • They will muddle and misrepresent the objectives of your organisation
    • They will accuse you of ulterior motives and perhaps even of financial impropriety
    • They will attend your protest carrying Nazi flags, or anti-semitic flags and shout odious slogans and pretend to be one of you
    • lastly, but most likely, they will falsely accuse you of racism or sexism or a score of other such isms, but surely you already knew that one…

That is just a few of the methods the left in New Zealand, Jacinda’s army of mainstream and social media soldiers, customarily employ to destroy their political opponents. It is difficult to defend against such amoral subversion, however you must at least be prepared for it, watch out for it, identify it, combat it and neutralise it wherever you can.

Also, be prepared for the long haul. The above subversion of your organisation won’t be a passing phase. The left are like rust. They never sleep, and they will continue their efforts to harm you for years and years and years.

Finally, mark the politicians who support you and the ones who do not. The National Party is already suffering from the subversions listed above, especially infiltration, and many of them will hate you as much as Labour’s minions will. Neither is ACT completely free of it. Choose your parliamentary allies wisely. Not by party affiliation, and not by what they say, but by what they do.

Its a massive battle you are entering into friends, and you must be brave, but you also must be careful. There is many a political trap for the novice and the unwary. Always be on your guard. Especially with NZ’s corrupt partisan and bought media, AKA Jacinda Ardern’s Praetorian Guard. They are by far your worst and most powerful enemy and they will destroy you if you let them.


  • Whilst the grisly gang of leftwing retards control many levers in our society, I suspect they are small in number, and generally disliked. It’s just a choice most have made. A choice to suck the empty tit of debt and chase money. I have tried a reconnection to the soil and rejected urban cubicle life. Did you know more than half of prices we pay for “things” goes toward paying off debt. Most of our labour feeds interest payments, an empty abyss. The only farm Labour want are collective farms.


    • Russia’s experience should tell the idiots how well they failed to work. Primary production never is and never was a nine-to-five, Monday-to-Friday vocation.


  • This is nothing new the press have been doing this forever. It’s just super blatantly open and transparent now because their minions are pretty stupid useful idiots only carrying the ability to write gossip column journalism children’s book syle. I find it insulting how infantalised it all is. If people still can’t see what the status quo is despite so many warnings and whistle-blowers over the centuries and they can’t understand how they are being spoken to like they are children with learning disabilities then there is really no hope for them.
    They are gone.
    Only wanting to believe the narrative that their psychopathic narcissistic govt is going to save them from the doomsday scenario they have been spoonfed since the beginning of time
    There are always plenty of useful idiots who feel powerless and love to have a little power over someone else to make themselves feel better about their spineless existence.


  • One would think that even the thickest of the brain-dead socio-commie nutters would understand that if farmers stop producing food, city-dwellers go hungry. Or that a tax on farmers equals a tax on food. (Just like heaping idiotic costs on LLs meant higher rents.) But no . . .

    Years ago, a USA rural commentator said:

    “If the cities are laid waste and the countryside prospers;
    The cities will come again.
    But if the countryside is laid waste;
    Then grass will grow in the streets of the cities.”

    For now, you morons . . .

    Food From Farms Or
    NZ Soylent Greens
    Your Choice