Poll shows 6.5 point drop for Labour

Don’t usually bother too much with polls, but its curious that this Roy Morgan report released yesterday did not make it into any major New Zealand news outlet other than NewstalkZB. Its shows a 6.5 point drop in support for Labour, which is somewhat heartening.

On the other hand it also shows a 1.5 point increase for the Greens, taking their total vote to 12.5%. Hard to believe that many NZ voters want to pay ever increasing taxes and increased prices for energy and food, but apparently they do. That’s what you get when you have a massively green left bias in the mainstream media and allow ever expanding brainwashing campaigns in schools.

ACT has increased 2 points to 11.5, which is great. However the fake named “maori” party is up one point too.

Its only one poll in many to be held before the only one that really counts in 2023.

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  • Salacious Crumb

    I had to do a double take there. The headline of a 6.5 point drop and that picture of Comrade Ardern had me believing it referred to her IQ but then I realised that would take her into single figures.