Hate speech- We demand examples Mr Faafoi

Kris Faafoi is slyly trying to impose tyranny on New Zealand by sneaking through poorly framed legislation with an ill defined purpose, and that is so called “hate speech” law. As Simon Bridges points out in the video below, its not what the Christchurch Royal Commission ever wanted and is in reality something Jacinda Ardern’s Labour party is pushing.

Sinister Minister Faafoi says the law will be actioned when someone says or publishes words that “stir up hatred towards a particular group”. What does “stir up” actually mean? What is “hatred”? What is a “particular group”?

Could this possibly mean that people who have campaigned to cancel NZers voicing opinions they don’t like are going to be prosecuted? People like Marc Daalder? People like Anna McAlister? People like Byron Clark? People like Valerie Morse?

This collection of extreme leftists have designated the people they wish to cancel as “white supremacists”. So in accordance with Mr Faafoi’s statement Daalder and associates should indeed be prosecuted. They have “stirred up hatred against a particular group”.

We know for certain they will not be so prosecuted. Why not? Because they are on the right side of the current political divide. The side of power and influence and mainstream media and academic sympathies.

This is exactly why the proposed legislation is deeply flawed. It will be used subjectively, against selected critics of govt policy. The threat of its use and the associated lengthy and worrisome process of prosecution will be used to warn and silence critics.

This law is a curse upon our free country, and it is constructed by barbarians and fools, for they’re too stupid to know that if the political situation is ever inverted, it will be used against them the same way they will abuse it today.

Faafoi and the other tyrants will rush around and try and get this law pushed through, and they know the definitions will be highly politicized and subjective, but they’re happy to let such laws be written because that is who they are.

They want to say when it suits them “on no, you can’t say that, or we will prosecute you, but this man here can say this and it will be welcomed”. When either way its actually the same thing that is being said.

There is only one way to avoid this farcical outcome. Minister Faafoi should at the very least provide an example of “hate speech”. Not one, but three or four or even more so that we the people can see for ourselves by what means we will transgress.

We the people should demand this. We want to see examples. Demand it. Demand it demand it and demand it again. Don’t let Faafoi and his disciples off the hook. Demand examples, and then let us debate these examples, for then and only then will it be demonstrated to all and sundry that this whole process is a brutal politicized farce.

It takes us back to tyrants and ideologues from times in human history we would rather forget.


  • Demands will avail naught while the commies have a majority in parliament.
    Only when the silent majority actually does something, might there be a change.
    Has anyone any ideas about how that might be achieved?


    • Ideas? Not in the short term. My hope is fading it will ever be fixed. With the mount of sheer ignorance abroad, (especially since the left have gained control of schools and universities), it seems a Venezuelan or Tytler style collapse is inevitable. The biggest disappointment is the National Party. If only they would get off their dopey collective commie arses, things might change, but there’s little sign this is likely. People can’t vote for ideas if no one is putting them out there.

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  • I come here to read this blog because we both hate tyrants, communism and this whole bullshit we hear about every day. This blog reinforces my view that this lot of commies that hold the reigns at present are nothing more than fool dictators and control freaks,I’m guessing this would fall under hate speech?