In the Mosque massacre movie, who should play the bad guy?

Once, in distant time and a land far away there was a New Zealand women called Patricia Bartlett, and she campaigned against movies that she considered offensive because they promoted sexual permissiveness and were anti-Christian. In the most part she was regarded with derision, and the most common refrain one heard in response to her complaints was “if you don’t like it, change the channel”.

Patricia Bartlett was told to “change the channel”

Apparently Ms Bartlett, or at least her mindset, has risen from the grave and penetrated the consciousness of today’s liberal progressives, who now, like Patricia did back then, want movies they don’t like stopped. Changing the channel is just not the thing anymore.

Plans to make a movie about the Christchurch Mosque massacre have been met with cries of outrage and calls for its cancellation. The movie called “They Are Us” was apparently intended to glorify Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s response to the tragedy. However this intent has been overshadowed by claims the movie is an attempt to cash in on the event. Others claim it is politically unacceptable.

The Christchurch Mayor, a lefty taxpayer-tit-sucking incompetent most of her life said the makers would not be welcome there. Communist MP Golriz Ghahraman said it would be an example of “white supremacy”. Various Islamic groups have called for it to be stopped, (they have no concept of the small powerless state) on similar “white supremacist” grounds.

However it is noted that one such group has said all that can be overlooked if the they could share in the profits. There’s an example of principle for you.

The producer has lately decided to pull out saying she “deeply regrets the shock and hurt” her intent to make the film has caused. (She’s another long term tit-sucker, and one good thing about the film not being made is it will save the the taxpayers a few $million)

The role of Jacinda Ardern was to be played by some Hollywood grifter called Rose Byrne, who has too much flesh on her bones and is not really long enough in the tooth to play Ardern, but bears a passing resemblance.

Who was to play the role of shooter Brenton Tarrant is yet to be announced. Maybe we can suggest a few names, taken from the huge list of people who coat-tailed on Tarrant’s evil act using it to enhance their careers, or bring them fame and or notoriety.

Minister of Police and gun grabber Stuart Nash has the looks for the role, and he’s sure made hay from the event. Sensationalist reporter Paddy Gower has been milking the “white supremacy” angle for two years and is another who has the looks and attitude for the part.

Or perhaps Newsroom reporter Marc Daalder, who has carved out a new and successful career as a “white supremacy specialist”. Maybe a bit weedy and frail, but with makeup and the right camera angles who would notice?

Police surveillance footage from the Urewera Terrorist Training Camp

Massey University Professor Paul Spoonley is another whose career has been boosted. He’s much in demand for commentary on (again), “white supremacy” and also “hate speech”. He also has the same twitchy furtive demeanor as Mr Daalder.

There are a few in the Green Party who could fill it well. Not El Loco Woko, whose gender confusion just wouldn’t be a good fit, but they do have a genuine would-be terrorist there who has already trained in the basics in a camp up in the Urewera ranges.

There’s no limit to the characters who would fit Tarrant’s role, but sadly it looks as if their chance at fame has gone, with the most likely outcome being cancellation of the project. Patricia Bartlett should have been alive still, to see how the professionals do it today.

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  • Andrew Little could crash this audition, – both the looks and the temperament .
    Only lefties could want to make a movie out of this tragedy. Makes the Bain movie look like a good idea.