Willie Jackson says Maori businesses need special treatment

Willie Jackson never used to annoy so much, but lately he’s gone full blown moaner, and has also become an intolerable race baiting bore. On Friday he was manifesting this change by pushing for racial preferences in govt tendering processes.

Meaning if you’re tendering for govt business and you’re a New Zealander with European blood, or Chinese blood or Indian blood, you go to the back of the queue, and if you’re a New Zealander with Maori blood, you go to the front.

Willie recently organised some gab fest (they’re growing like wildfire) entitled “Supplier Diversity Aotearoa Summit: Navigate 2021”. The introductory blurb describes it thus-

Navigate 2021 will benefit ‘buyers’ who are wanting to know more about procuring services from diverse suppliers, in particular Māori and Pasifika businesses:

    • Amotai Buyers
    • Procurement specialists
    • Project managers
    • Policy teams
    • Māori/iwi leaders
    • Mandated government agencies
    • Council members

Navigate 2021 relates to the importance of navigating the systems, changes and actions that are needed for Māori and Pasifika-owned businesses to fully participate in the economy through the lever of social procurement.

Apparently supplier diversity targets were announced late last year, and at the time Willie said they “crucial to changing the New Zealand economy”. He gave a speech at the gabfest and said-

“We all have to be courageous with this kaupapa – doing business with the government doesn’t just have to be about strict commercial factors. There should be room for manaakitanga, aroha, karakia and te reo Māori. I’m proud of what we have now achieved – celebrating Matariki, history in schools and now progressive procurement.

Māori businesses are generally more resilient than non-Māori businesses because they take an intergenerational view of their value, and they have strong social and environmental drivers. These are key advantages. Increasing the diversity of suppliers for government to choose from means better social and economic outcomes for us all.

This is all the most pain in the arse race baiting BS of course, and really isn’t that much different from straight out cronyism. Its not going to help NZ’s economic situation at all, but because its a transaction that totally upsets normal procurement processes by introducing racial preferences, will only plunge the country into greater depths of economic misery.

Willie Jackson has turned into a race-baiting communist

Socialists and race-baiters like Willie just never learn. The best way to encourage economic growth for everyone Maori included is for govt to stay out of the market, and in particular, incompetent BS artists like Willie Jackson should be kept well away from the halls of power.

He bathes himself in glory at an event like this, but really its a damn insult to businessmen with Maori blood to suggest they need special treatment before they can succeed.

This scheme is just a Stalinist nightmare and all involved should know better. When is the National Party going to speak out on this stupid racist self defeating debacle?


  • Well I have to say that generally, government cannot “stay out of the market” as it is such a massive customer, with in my view a duty to favour whatever fair strategy is best for the country’s economic development. The promotion of this kind of racial nepotism is obscene.
    Indeed, the term ‘diversity’ has taken on a new, hard pornographic meaning.

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  • Don in Glendowie

    Thank you for the great reporting on important developments. You do all the work and I don’t have to.

    Another terrific read.
    Kia ora!