Marchers demand Feilding council ignore referendum

Being elected to council usually works this way. You go out on the hustings and you talk to the local people and you persuade them you’ll be a good candidate and they vote for you. The people with the most votes form the council and everything is sweet.

Its a traditional system that works well all over the world and has done so for centuries. Suddenly, in Feilding, its not good enough. Race based radical activists are demanding special seats that bypass the above system.

They haven’t yet been granted this special treatment. So they marched up the main street in an ugly and aggressive show of force to the council offices where the intimidation grew in intensity. Brandishing weapons, screaming, making threatening gestures, the “protesters” confronted Mayor Helen Worboys and Deputy Mayor Michael Ford.

Worboys and Ford actually support Maori wards, but here’s the thing. In a 2018 referendum, the people of Feilding voted 56% against, (6004 against, 4801 for) so the Mayor and Deputy consider themselves constrained by those results.

Even if there was a case for such wards, check out the video, and consider why civilised rational people would want to share power with tribalists who act in this manner. What benefit would it bring to the people of Feilding?

Marxist driven Maori radicalism is taking New Zealand down the Zimbabwe rabbit hole and will similarly destroy the country if it is not stopped. Do not be intimidated by threats of violence. Get out and tell your local politician what you think of it. Otherwise he/she will do nothing.

Note: Looks very much like Maori Party MP Debbie Ngarewa-Packer screaming abuse at the Mayor/ Deputy Mayor in the last few frames of the video.


  • The New Zealander

    These people are all for Maori Sovereignty and Maori self-determination. I’d love to know, how would they react if European New Zealanders wanted their own Sovereignty and self-determination?

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  • Totally agree reverse racism is rampant in our country and apathy by most of our people will encourage the small minority Stand up and be vocal otherwise we will all be conned


    • Yes. Actually this was kicked off a long time ago, and should have been stopped long before. No one has had the guts to speak out for fear of being labelled a racist. Why we must support Collins and rebut the accusations that are being made against her. Mainly by the spineless politically biased Media who are being given tax payer money (By the Ardern govt) on the condition of supporting this dangerous separatist nonsense.