Lee Williams- Bill of Rights worthless under Ardern regime

It doesn’t matter who Lee Williams is, because he is every one of us, and the govt sponsored communist/ separatist mob who are destroying Lee today will be coming after anyone next.

New Zealand has a Bill of Rights, the brainchild of Labour Prime Minister Geoffory Palmer, a constitutional lawyer who for many years had been concerned about New Zealand’s lack of a written constitution and the ‘unbridled power’ of the executive. It became law in 1990 in watered down legislation that prevented it from becoming as powerful as Palmer had intended.

Nevertheless, it has underpinned some important court cases, including the overturning of a conviction for burning the New Zealand flag.

The essence of the BOR its that it stands in defence of ordinary citizens against over-powerful govt. Although not mandatory, in courts cases where a person’s rights have been breached, the court can order monetary compensation.

Lee Williams hasn’t been convicted of any breach of the law. Yet he is being stripped of his means of earning a living for himself and his family. This “punishment” though is happening largely at the bidding of govt.

The newspapers and broadcasters, in a financial contract with the govt, and Ministers of the Crown, (namely the Maori Party) are all attacking Lee Williams in breach of rights guaranteed to him by the NZ Bill of Rights. Such rights in particular are-

    • The right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion, and belief, including the right to adopt and hold opinions without interference (Section 13)
    • The right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form (Section 14)
    • The right to manifest that person’s religion or belief in worship, observance, practice, or teaching, either individually or in community with others, and either in public or in private (Section 15)

It is also clear that if his employer sacks Mr Williams, as appears to have already happened, then they will have done so largely because of govt sponsored pressure applied not only through the govt owned media (TV One and Radio New Zealand) and Maori Party MPs, but also though abuse of the Human Rights Commission and other such govt entities that have worked to induce a mood within the country that discourages support for the rights listed above.

A legal expert might decide that Lee Williams treatment is a clear breach of the NZ BOR and take action for wrongful dismissal against Synlait and include the Bill of Rights as an underpinning to his case.

The govt has done this to Mr Williams, primarily through their state owned propaganda outlets TV One and Radio New Zealand. Other entities have acted as the govt’s agents by means of their contracts with the govt namely the “Public Interest Journalism” and other subsidies and payments.

Newshub, the Herald, Stuff, and most other media outlets, all receiving govt money, have reported on the case in pejorative terms and with unproven allegations designed to convict Mr Williams without a trial.

Its unlikely Mr Williams will get his “natural justice”, another guarantee of the BOR. However his persecution shows how much the Labour govt has changed since it was run by Geoffory Palmer and Michael Bassett. Under Jacinda Ardern we now have an unofficial Stasi policing thought and speech in New Zealand, the very circumstance Bassett and Palmer were trying to avoid.


  • Salacious Crumb

    I despair at what this country is becoming. Regardless of whether you agree with Lee’s views, what an appalling affront to free speech and the rule of law we are witnessing almost daily here and on the day where a mass grave discovered near Moscow demonstrating the worst excesses of socialism.


    • Yes, good point on the mass grave SC. What we are watching across the West is a slow build up in accordance with the Alinsky playbook which is in turn based upon the methods the communists used to establish totalitarian one party states in Russia and China. Its slightly more difficult when it needs to be carried out in a democracy, but it can still be done. It just takes a little more time. The idea is to socially ostracize those members of society who don’t agree with the extreme left collective. Its been the idea for decades actually, its just being accelerated today because the communists feel they have enough political power to do so.


      • Based Farm Mum

        I left NZ 4 years ago and since then have become, for lack of a better phrase, ‘redpilled’. When asked now how I feel about NZ I describe it, without hesitation, as a ‘socialist shithole’.
        And that hurts.
        I should be proud to be a Kiwi – I used to be. But now I just feel embarrassed.
        My son wants me to move back, sooner rather than later, and help him set up a small homesteader plot in Northland because I’m the one with the agricultural knowledge. And I think he’s worried about his middle aged Mum being all alone living in rural Australia – The Land Where Everything Wants To Kill You. The critters don’t worry me; not the snakes, not the spiders big and small, not even the dropbears bother me. Dan Andrews, on the other hand, is a bug I’d happily squish underfoot. But I love it here, I love the space. To breathe. To live.
        And I don’t want to leave.
        NZ to me is the place I grew up, the land itself is the home of my heart, pounamu is her backbone with which I stand. But the people, the institutions, the Government, the increasing corruption of the Kiwi way of life… not so much. I left to get away from a life stuck in a never ending Catch 22 cycle of being unemployed; people baulk at hiring you because you’re unemployed meaning there must be something wrong with you that no one wants to hire you so you stay unemployed longer making it harder to shake the stigma. I sure as hell refuse to go back to even the smallest threat of that. That’s no way to live if there is any alternative available. I have means now, I make good money and live comfortably and can afford to eat healthy and pay all my bills and not have to rob Peter to pay Paul. There’s nothing like that for me back in NZ.
        And now, with everything that’s going on socially and politically, and aside from the whole lack of job opportunities and shit wages *and* sky high prices for everything (except toilet paper and lightbulbs – but that’s another story) what the hell would I be moving back to?
        I’m far too principled to live a life on my knees. And I know too much now to fake it even if my life depended on it. Not that I could, worst actor ever – just ask my ex husband! And I have a very hard time not speaking up when people do and say stupid or hypercritical things due to intellectual laziness and/or brainwashing: don’t step on me, but if you do please be prepared to be doused by a bucketful of cold truth.
        But my son is counting on me to be around.
        How can I be around in that sort of culture and society?
        I hate Aderp (no, that’s not a typo) and what she has done and continues to do to and in NZ. She is the face of evil. A knowingly, deliberately evil-to-the-core bitch. Much the same as Pelosi or Killary. She knows *exactly* what she is doing and she is doing it in the way only a woman can. Corruption and tyranny hidden behind the guise of benevolent Mother.
        So, my question is…
        How the hell do you fight that, especially when her and her ilk have so many in NZ fooled? We see what has happened to Lee. I’m not worried about that for myself. But I do worry about blowback on my son and granddaughter, and his wife and her family.

        Communism is a nasty enemy. The vilest corruption humanity has faced to date. And now the NZ government and their lackeys, the radical left, the media …those who will without thinking twice do harm in the name of ‘anti-racism, inclusion and diversity’ … If they can’t cause you to suffer then they have zero qualms about going after and hurting those close to you that can.

        P.S. Redbaiter, I read the article above, headed into it internally cringing, waiting for the inevitable terrible writing and hyperbole I see in so much of the alt media (no offence). Different rhetoric from that which you find from the far left, but just as bad in its own way.
        But the cringe never came.
        Your article was well written.
        Not over the top at all. Nor did I feel you were ‘shouting’ your points at me or talking down to me.
        Then I read the bit on the top right from the Herald, about Top Ten Tweeters, describing you as ‘crazy as they come’ and I laughed out loud. Maybe your tweets are a bit more on the nose being limited – what is it? 170ish characters? – to get your point across. Twitter is a strange bubble where 8% of humanity – the celebs, the fringe-dwellers and the extremists – hang out and think it’s real life. But your writing here was easy to read, on point and without pejorative. I liked it. Thank you.


  • Spot on. Ardern is using the same playbook as her comrades in America and China–outsourcing the suppression of dissent to corporate minions through an unspoken social credit system. She is a stone Communist and totalitarian, and she is perfectly willing to plunge NZ into tyranny, violence and poverty if it furthers her ideological agenda.


    • Yes, she didn’t spend ten years training with the International Union of Socialist Youth for nothing. The whole basis of that organisation is training youth across the globe in methods to infiltrate existing political parties and install totalitarian socialist dictatorships under the semblance of establishing democratic socialism. The things they are doing in NZ right now are all described in the text of their manuals, including the methodology of isolating opponents as “far right extremists” and punishing them by whatever means possible. Hipkins is one of them too, and he’s in control of education. Nothing could be worse for the future of the country or the ideal of democracy.


  • So if he has lost his job can we support a legal challenge, is any one doing anything to fight this evil Commie style hit job


  • And just like that we are almost indiscernible from those authoritarian regimes we looked down our noses at and scoffed at and were confident we could never become. It happened through our apathy and our neglect. We were handed our democracy and our freedom by a very brave generation who suffered and died for it and we never understood its value. We are about to understand because it is rapidly disintegrating.