Want someone destroyed? Label them a white supremacist

Lee Williams is a YouTuber who maintains an account that is highly critical of the Ardern govt, the mainstream media, and the Maori Separatist/ Sovereignty movement. Today he has fallen victim to a smear campaign organised by known communist activists. These activists have been backed up by two Members of Parliament, namely the “Maori” Party.

Mr Williams isn’t a white supremacist. He merely has views that the communists leading NZ’s own cancel culture efforts disagree with. After finding out Lee’s place of employment, the group organised a petition asking for him to be sacked. The petition is closing in on 5000 signatures, which is not all that much given the massive growth in that ideology since they began indoctrinating school children.

Lee works at Synlait, and they have suspended him “pending an investigation”. Given the mood of cowardice in corporate NZ right now, its unlikely they will continue to employ Mr Williams, who is already organising a return to the UK.

The two radical MPs who call themselves the “Maori” party actually have no warrant from the roughly 750,000 NZers who have Maori descendants. They received only 1.5% of the total vote, or around 30,000 votes last election. This is about 10% of the total Maori vote available. That means most Maoris (around 90%) voted for other parties.

However they are strident believers in Maori Sovereignty or partnership. As a strategy to silence all who oppose these beliefs, they have developed the habit of calling anyone who opposes them “white supremacists”. Even when many Maori oppose their objectives.

They’ve even called the leader of the National Party Judith Collins by this epithet. Ms Debbie Ngarewa-Packer also currently refers to her as Judith “Coloniser”.

MP Debbie Ngarewa-Packer Facebook post attacking citizen Lee Williams. Click to enlarge.

Prime mover’s behind the attack on Lee Williams are former members of Occupy Christchurch, the movment that wanted to destroy capitalists like Synlait, and also include the group Paparoa, who describe themselves as affilated to the Antifa Movement. Antifa regard everyone who is not a communist, even socialists like Jacinda Ardern, as fascists. The group Paparoa also has connections to the Urewera terrorist group from 2007.

So its incredible that a company like Synlait would kneel to pressure from these sources, but they have. Many other establishment media outlets (Stuff, Radio NZ) have taken up the cudgel, most have amplified in one way or another the false claim that Mr Williams is a white supremacist. Few if any have stood up for free speech.

Freedom advocates should see this and understand how much power these groups have in New Zealand and other western democracies. Our Westminster system is under threat, and very few seem to realise the real danger or want to fight back.

Lee Williams is one who did, and look what has happened to him. He has asked publicly that the following video be distributed, so here it is-

Note: Never met Lee, or corresponded with him. Backing him up here in the interests of free speech. (Just realised its meant to be “Cross the Rubicon”. Sorry Lee.)


  • According to MP Rawiri Waititi every white person in New Zealand will become “extinct”. These Extremists are ruling over us right now. New Zealanders need to wake up.


    • check at the 8:37 minute mark in the above video for a previous Twitter bio of our MP Rawiri Waititi, where he pretty much said that “Caucasians …(will)… become more extinct as a new Aoteraroa in on the rise”.