Poll shows “woke” are a small minority and we should ignore them

Its a common theme among people who have been victims of communism- they acknowledge that the communists were a minority, and they regret they did not do more to fight them at the beginning. Once they have control, its too late, as millions of graves in Cambodia and the Soviet Union and Communist China attest to.

Today in the West, we’re going through a period of communist bullying right now, and one of an intensity we haven’t seen before. Its referred to as “wokeness”, but its really just the same old. The real point though is that its only a small minority behind this campaign to change our society, and its time the silent majority told them where to go.

How do we know its a minority? In the UK an organisation called the Campaign For Common Sense asked company JL Partners to conduct a poll to ascertain who really supports wokeness. JL Partners surveyed 2026 people between May 12th and 14th. The Daily Mail has put the results into a handy graphic, and there is no doubt over the outcome.

In actuality, there are two sets of results, and they’re both very important to what is happening in our western countries today. The first result in the right hand columns relates to woke issues and who supports or opposes them. In all cases the majority opposes by a huge majority.

The second set of results, in the left hand columns, relates to what party is associated with the particular woke items listed, or what party the public thinks is pushing these issues. Again there is an overwhelming majority, and that majority says its Labour doing all the woke stuff.

Now we can’t necessarily say that this is the sole cause of Labour’s massive defeat in the recent Hartepool by-election but it must have had a lot to do with it. However the whole point to this is that in New Zealand there needs to be much greater push back from the public and opposition parties on these issues.

Sure, Labour and the Greens are the govt, and they’ve got the megaphone, and media and academia are fully infiltrated by like Marxists, but combine all of the people making up this force and they are still a small minority in New Zealand.

So don’t let the woke communists bully you. Push back. Speak out. One of the best ways you can fight back is by not spending a dollar with the mainstream media. Don’t subscribe to their papers and don’t watch their television shows. Don’t even link to them in your social media if you don’t have to.

And the National Party needs to wake the hell up too. Stand up for the majority and don’t be cowed by a vocal minority. There is a massive void between the political views of the NZ media and the NZ people. Start standing up for those people, and stop being cowed by the unrepresentative commies who pose as journalists in NZ.