NZ Press gallery- ill mannered ignorant group think imbeciles

Fake news has a meaning, and its found in the presentation style of mainstream media journalists and their singular group think far left or “progressive” mind set, at the expense of every other reasonable perspective.

This mindset was never so brazenly displayed than in their rabid interrogation of National Party leader Judith Collins after Question Time today. Not only was their questioning rude and ignorant, they completely failed to grasp Ms Collin’s point, even though she voiced it over and over to them.

The press gallery basically acted as a very loud megaphone for the anti-free speech opinions and invalid accusations of the 2 MP Maori party that only achieved 1.2% of the vote.

Update: Horribly screeching woman identified as Newshub’s Amelia Wade

Judith tried again and again to say she was questioning Jacinda Ardern in an effort to establish just what is in train with the govt and radical Maori as described in the He Puapua document. Her explanations fell mainly on deaf ears. All these cretinous embarrasments to the craft of journalism could focus on was the issue of “racism”, over and above every other matter.

Their firm view was that Collins should not ask questions about any secretive plans for momentous and historical changes to NZ’s govt structure, because they thought it was racist to do so, or worse, that it might upset the Maori party and others.

The media is a integral part of our democracy, and the press gallery especially so. How disappointing the gallery is made up of such snivelling group think imbeciles, and given their performance tonight, its no wonder NZ’s democracy is in such a dysfunctional shambolic state at the moment.

Watch the astonishing video below to see their abysmally low standard of questioning. (I’ve edited Ms Collin’s responses for brevity.)