London protest confirms media unashamedly corrupt

If you’re an indoctrinated schoolkid suffering from a bad case of Greta Thunberg style narcissism, and organising a climate change demonstration, John Campbell at TV One and other media luminaries will grovel at your feet and give you maximum screen time.

If you can hold that demonstration, and a few hundred people turn up, media will take the best angles they can to make it seem as if far more people attended. They’ll refer to the hundreds as thousands, and you’ll get five slavering minutes guaranteed on the six o clock news.

An example of the media’s partisan approach was the way not one outlet reported on the failure of the recent schoolkid’s “strike” protest, that only attracted a few thousand compared to the 150,000 it was said attended the last protest. Instead it was beaten into a major event with similarly massive support. Their reporting was just a lie. Propaganda.

This same pattern of deception will occur with any protest that has Marxist underpinnings. Black Lives Matter. Domestic violence. Extinction Rebellion. Womens’ rights. The media will give it undue coverage and exaggerate its support. Because they’re not news agencies, but lying sneaking sly and cowardly Marxist propagandists. The enemies of the people.

Their failure to report of the London anti-lockdown protests at the weekend makes it impossible for media to deny the above accusations.

Why was there virtually* no coverage of a protest that attracted maybe a million people?

Simple- the march and the substance of the protest does not offer the media any chance to push Marxism. In fact, reporting on it would be anti-Marxist, and perhaps disturb the big brother narrative they have built around the covid crisis. Where they have trumpeted the need for big govt, “caring” politicians and oppressive uncivil regulation.

Are you discontent with the direction our societies are taking today? Wake up to the real enemy. It is the politically corrupt media who are the foot soldiers for even more corrupt academia (who trained them) and their secretly far left politician comrades.

Media’s failure to report the London anti-lockdown march is proof positive of what poison they are to our societies. We simply must send them broke, reduce their enterprises to dust, if we are to stop our western pluralist democracies from being converted into one party Marxist states.

*One must say virtually as in the few cases where the march was reported, the protesters were spoken of with scorn and derision and labelled as Qanon supporters or anti-Vaxers.