NZ’s ANZAC day marred by political hypocrisy

Forgive me my reluctance to post anything reverential today, but I find the hypocrisy of modern progressive politicians such a stain on the day it sickens me.

Jacinda Ardern made a political speech slyly smearing all past members of the force with her usual divisive Marxist rhetoric. She said-

“The years may have brought change, change in roles, change in uniform, changes in expectations to the point we are in now. Finally, the concept of service is no longer defined by gender, race or religion but by values and by commitment.”

Phil Goff and Helen Clark 1971 doing their bit to support the Communist Nth Vietnam Army, the USSR and Communist China against the free world. Over 100,000 Sth Vietnamese were killed after the surrender to Nth Vietnam.

This horrible little commie thinks previous members of the armed forces lacked values and commitment? What an absurd and contemptible allegation.

Phil Goff spoke at the Grey Lynn Returned Services Club. He had the nerve to say that soldiers died so we could “enjoy the freedoms we experience today”. I guess the fact that most of those freedoms have been eagerly snatched away by Phil and his ilk due to Covid19 is something he just momentarily forgot.

What we shouldn’t forget is Goff’s deplorable treatment of servicemen and women returning from Vietnam. That he has the audacity to turn up at an RSA let alone speak at an ANZAC day ceremony is a measure of this man’s stinking amorality.

The left, and that includes Phil Goff and Jacinda Ardern, have a long game and it includes the destruction of every principle this country once held dear, including our individual freedoms and our pluralist democracy and most of all our free speech- exactly the core western values our soldiers gave their lives for.

To pretend to value the sacrifice of the ANZACS on one day per year while betraying their sacrifice every other day of the year is an example of sly two faced hypocrisy that is too much for me I’m sorry.