What’s left to conserve?

Author Glenn Ellmers appeared with Tucker Carlson to discuss his article “Conservatism is no longer enough“.

Ellmers says-

“The conservative movement, in a way, has really let people down, Conservatism… is no longer even the right paradigm to think about these days… So much has gone, so many of our institutions have been captured by the bad guys… What’s left to conserve?

Popular culture is a cesspool. The academia is wholly taken over by woke ideology. The Federal govt is controlled by a bureaucracy that is a antithetical to traditional ideas of American liberty. 

Now the corporate world, what happens when large corporations don’t even believe in property rights anymore, or the rule of law? 

We have Silicon Valley becoming a sort of private sector Ministry of Information and Propaganda on behalf of the oligarchy.”

Conservatism says Ellmers, only exists today in the hearts and minds of people who know it.

That needs saying twice. It exists only in our hearts and minds and nowhere else.

The Ellmers video alerted me to the undeniable truth that we are so encircled by evil, its going to take more than merely speaking truth to one another, in a closed group of like thinkers, to break free.

I don’t know what to do next, but the message is loud and clear. Posting truth on the internet while a deluge of lies dominates everywhere else is getting us nowhere.