$26 million for a satellite to study cow farts

METHANE is an unstable gas which oxidises quickly in atmosphere. It occupies less than 2PPM of atmosphere and its absorption bands almost completely overlap w H2O. Even a very large increase in CH4 would have almost no impact on climate.

Research, Science and Innovation Minister Megan Woods said the $26 million of your money she is spending on sending a satellite into orbit to study methane levels is an investment that will pay off big for New Zealand.

“MethaneSAT is a really exciting opportunity to showcase New Zealand’s science and research expertise on the world stage, while making a significant contribution to climate change by mapping agricultural emissions of greenhouse gases,”

$26 million! The insane are in charge of the asylum, and New Zealanders voted 52% to put them there. Mostly women who think its great to have a female in charge, and that’s about as far as their political perceptions go. Thank God not all NZ women are such brainless imbeciles.

Think of where this $26 million could have been better spent. Think where the real threats lie in the world today. Not from cow farts, but from a Red China that is gearing up for World War Three. This stupid infantile preoccupation with climate change is nothing short of suicidal.

Spending money (we don’t actually have) on worthless crap like this, as well as crippling our industrial sector while China builds coal fired power stations one after the other, has its manufacturing sector going full tilt and pouring billions into its armed forces.

Where are the truth tellers in New Zealand? If only we had a few politicians with the brains and balls and honesty and courage of Australian Senator Matt Canavan we might get some common sense back into NZ politics. At the moment it is a madhouse.

In the video below, Canavan makes the very valid point that Western free democracies crippling their economies over the vague threat of climate change is insane while the Chinese Communist Party is gearing up for conflict. A real threat.

Then again, who knows if NZ would even stand with the free West today? According to the Foreign Minister, the Taniwha and the Chinese dragon are globally intertwined. Another example of looney tune nonsense and dangerous to our future security and the security of the entire free west. Who cares? Not the imbeciles who elected Jacinda.