Where are the challenges to the left’s constant lies?

Yesterday Candace Owens said she fell like she was living in a fiction, and its true. The USA, and most of our Western societies are drowning in a sea of lies.

These lies in the main emanate from left wing politicians (Democrats in the US) and their comrades who have taken over the media. They’re backed up by an equally corrupt academia, and an infiltrated govt bureaucracy.

However its not just the lies. As Candace says, the real problem is no one seems to want to challenge the left on their lies. The so called opposition parties are strangely mute.

They’re apparently too afraid to take on the leftist monolith, but it simply must be challenged. All lies must be challenged and we must never be afraid, especially when the lies are mostly emanating from govt and the perceived ruling class.

The lies are so numerous its hard to list them, but one that is currently doing immense damage to our societies is the charge of “systemic racism”, especially as it is applied to our Police. The consequences are huge.

There is de-moralisation in the Police force that makes it difficult for them to do their job with confidence. There is a shortage of recruits. Woke councils have made severe cuts to police budgets, and crime, especially crime involving loss of life has soared.

A society without a Police force is a society without law and order, which is of course just one of many similar objectives of the left whose ultimate aim is the complete destruction of our societies.

In the video below Tucker Carlson talks to author Heather MacDonald. She is a truth teller, and repeats Candace Owen’s complaint about the epidemic of lies in our society. In particular the “phantom” of systemic police racism.

Heather wrote the book “The War on Cops” and she has the detail. Of the 40 million blacks in the US, around 7500 die each year from homicide, mainly gang related shootings.

The number of blacks who were unarmed and shot by police was 15. That’s right. Fifteen, or 0.2 percent of the total black homicides. Where is the outcry over the thousands shot in gang or drug related crime?

Murder rates in communities that have cut their police budgets have increased by thousands. How is this a help to anyone? Other than those who wish to commit murder.

The problem the left claim as “systemic racism” is as Heather says a phantom designed to do damage. It is an evil lie.

The truth is that blacks, due to their exploitation by left wing politicians, have weak family structures, and this is the simple underlying reason for most of their damaged positioning in society. However its a truth that brings no advantage to the left, so they hide it.

We simply must break out of our passivity and apathy and stop the left from destroying our society by means of lies. The lie of systemic racism is only the tip of the iceberg.