Find Chauvin guilty or we will burn down your house!

Why would any sane jury member bring in any other verdict? The time for going bravely out on a limb for justice is past in the US of A. Do that and the Marxist mob is not only likely to beat you to death, but it will burn down your house and beat up your wife and kids as well.

No one will do anything to stop them. They’ve taken over whole cities with little resistance and without suffering prosecution.

The big question is how did the US become a place where the truth is almost completely hidden from view (blacks are not killed at a greater rate by police because of systemic racism) and justice is so hard to come by. In this case the answer is pretty obvious. The Chauvin trial was a Stalinist show trial where justice was bent to serve the purpose of the mob.

However there is another factor, and more important in reality. The mob itself was given licence by a corrupt media cabal that in turn works for an even more corrupt ruling class, commonly referred to as Democrats. (but in actuality this corruption even extends into the Republican party}

The forces that brought us the Chauvin guilty verdict are the global communist left, and they have a death grip on most western societies today. Including the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We just saw it in action in the United States, where it proved that it today has the power to completely subdue and suppress the founder’s Constitutional Republic.

The previous post on this site explores claims by Michael Savage that the US is already in the opening phase of its second civil war. A war unlike the one that started in 1861 with uniformed armies and codes of conduct.The  process we are witnessing now is what the CIA calls “pre-insurgency”, where the left flexes it muscle and gets organised for more open street warfare.

Some might think that Savage goes too far in his analysis. The Chauvin guilty verdict suggests he is right, and that the war has already reached an even more advanced stage than he attempts to warns us of.

The leftist forces that rule in the US today compelled the US justice system into an outcome that makes a mockery of justice and of the truth and of what is right. It says everything the US once stood for, and its Constitutional Republic built upon the rule of law, is gone.

Don’t expect it to end here. The left are not at all shamed by this outcome, but emboldened.