Tucker’s courage in reporting truth makes him a target of the left

Few people in New Zealand understand the breadth of the media’s deception. If you read Kiwiblog comments for example, sure, they get that the news is filtered through a left wing lens, but they in the main think its a Labour/ National thing. Just a local political gambit.

In terms of international news, most are ready to accept stories sourced from overseas corporations like Reuters and the Associated Press. Therefore the majority of NZers pretty much buy into the narrative that George Floyd died through police brutality and because the police are racists.

Some watch FOX News or Sky News Australia, but comparatively few. In most cases, New Zealanders are blissfully unaware of the real battle, the one that is raging right now across the West, but particularly in the USA.

It is this battle that drives the intense hatred for Tucker Carlson. As a journalist, he’s one of the best, but today he deserves our respect and admiration more so because of his courage in standing strong against a left wing mob that would kill him in an instant if they had the chance and could escape the consequences.

Why do the left want to kill Tucker Carlson? Because he nightly broadcasts truth to the millions who watch his top rating show, and if there is one thing the left don’t want you to hear, its that truth.

Every night, Tucker fearlessly destroys the left wing narrative of the day. His work on the George Floyd case has been exceptionally good and amazingly brave. His monologues and his guests have completely deconstructed the lies and propaganda broadcast by the left and which most New Zealanders watching TV One or reading the NZ Herald unfortunately buy into.

The embedded video below is his show for the day that Derek Chauvin was found guilty by a jury too scared to come to any other conclusion. Scared by violent mobs, scared by the media, scared by politicians, and even scared by the US President who thuggishly inserted himself into a case that out of respect for the law he should have stayed out of.

Tucker does a wonderful job of exposing the truth about the Floyd/Chauvin case. That it was a political show trial, that there can be no trust in the verdict, and that the whole episode is really about trying to bring down the United States Constitutional Republic.

New Zealanders need to wake up to the forces that are abroad in the world, and realise that the local media is just a weak discredited pawn in the far larger operation to turn our Western democracies into one party global communist states.

Watch the embedded video and understand how bad things are getting. As Tucker’s guest Candace Owens points out so eloquently, it will only get worse until people all over awaken from their apathy and ignorance.