Kris Faafoi- left wing journalist operating way above his skill level

Who is the person making decisions on the future of free speech in New Zealand? List MP Kris Faafoi is really nothing but a two-bit communist hack who has been immersed in left wing party politics most of his adult life.

Today he’s considered qualified by Jacinda Ardern to run a number of ministries critical to New Zealand’s well being. Faafoi is Minister of Immigration, Minister of Government Digital Services, Minister of Broadcasting Communications and Digital Media, Minister of Justice and Associate Minister for Public Housing.

How if Kris Faafoi qualified to fill these roles? He isn’t, which is why most of the above Ministries are operating in disaster control mode.

During the early days of his career, Mr Faafoi trained as a journalist at the New Zealand Broadcasting School. He then worked for the BBC and NZ TV One as a political commentator before becoming chief press secretary for Labour leader Phil Goff.

In 2010 he ran for election in the Mana electorate and won. During the campaign Faafoi published and distributed a campaign brochure stating, “I had a great start because my family settled in Mana,” implying that he grew up in the electorate. Born on the island of Tokelau, he actually grew up in Christchurch.

So this is the background of the man making decisions on one of the most critical aspects of New Zealand’s democracy- your right to free speech.

Is it any wonder we are facing laws that are written in such subjective and non-legal language that they appear to be the output of a committee of eighteen year old left wing university students? Who but a punk lifetime leftie with no real life experience or cultural attachment to our heritage of liberty would let such laws intrude upon our Westminster democracy?

The video below reveals the gauche Kris Faafoi prior to winning the Mana election and doing the job he was much better suited for, putting Labour party pamphlets in your mailboxes.

Liberty and democracy in New Zealand would not be under the threat it is today if Mr Faafoi had just stuck to what he was good at.