Aussie workers have had it with woke Labor Party

Urban liberals, living in high density inner city housing, sucking up the “news” from lying mainstream media sources, miseducated at politically corrupted universities and suffering mental health problems at an unprecedented rate are a major voting demographic in most western democracies.

They have swung the vote in Victoria for example, and recently in New Zealand, and as a result of these misinformed, brainwashed, mentally suspect voters, more sane voters have had to endure some terrible governments.

The working man in Australia usually doesn’t fit into the same demographic, but have been voting with it due to their traditional attachment to Labor, the party that used to represent their interests. However, in their misguided need to attract the votes of the inner city green left, Labor has taken on a number of policies that act against the working man.

Blue collar Australians are at last waking up, and their traditional support for Labor can no longer be taken for granted. reports-

Private research commissioned by the NSW Electrical Trades Union has found a quarter of union members surveyed no longer vote Labor and a further 35 per cent reported decreasing support for the party. Nearly a fifth of respondents now see the Liberal Party as the major party that best represents working people like them.

What is it that is turning Labor voters away?

The survey found 42 per cent of union members saw “gender issues” as the biggest distraction to what government should really be focusing on, followed by climate change at 34 per cent. One participant said, “I feel betrayed or cheated by the Labor Party. They’ve made a big push for carbon neutrality, catering to leftists in inner city Melbourne or Sydney. F**k you, we’ll vote Pauline Hanson or Clive Palmer.”

Well, the two big question here are 1) why the hell are NZ workers still supporting NZ Labour, which can of course easily attract the same criticisms as their Australian comrades, and 2) Why the hell aren’t the NZ parties who are meant to be opposing Labour capitalizing on this ideological split?

The answer of course is that NZ culture today is pretty much locked into Argentinian style socialism. Decades of failure in articulating polices that counter the left means that unlike Australia, with Pauline Hanson and Clive Palmer, there’s no one to vote for in NZ who takes the same contrary positions.

Lets not forget feminism, which has also played a big part in the creation of the virtual one party state, with political parties, govt bureaucracies and worst of all the media all fully infiltrated by followers of this destructive Marxist cult.

So Australian voters have better political choices than New Zealand, and their media, although pretty bad, is not so totally corrupted either. This awakening of the working class can only be good for the sunburnt country, but its unlikely we will see a similar change in NZ.

The Upper Hunter by-election next month, where the above described scenario will be played out, will give a good indication of the future path of Australian politics.

New Zealanders might learn something too, but its doubtful the major voting bloc of inner city green left liberals can be drawn away from Netflix long enough to appreciate the lesson.