QandA “free speech” discussion just a propaganda exercise

It is sickening to observe the ease with which New Zealand’s so called journalists do propaganda for the state. They’re funded by it of course, so they’re never going to be as confrontational as they should be, but Jack Tame’s QandA discussion on proposed hate speech law changes today was still appalling.

One of his guests (pro the legislation) was a hate driven communist who almost every day tweets vile messages that should fall victim to this legislation. Her twitter feed is a litany of sneering spiteful divisive language aimed at whites in general, white men, white women, and white Americans in particular.

However she knows she’ll never see the Police knocking on her door because being a brown skinned child of Islamic refugees, and holding all of the correct political ideas (and connections), she’s untouchable.

It is assumed the other guest was there to oppose, but one would hardly guess this from his words. He is the token media “go to person” for right wing views. In fact his views are not right wing at all, which is the very reason he’s frequently used by a cynical deceitful media who know they must at least go through the motions of being balanced.

Tame’s defence of the legislation was that it set a “higher standard” for conviction than the old law, because the offence would be tried in a criminal court. Nonsense that completely ignores the subjective nature of the text which is used to define hate speech. There’s no high standard in any court when the perceived offence is so poorly defined, right from the start of the process.

As I said in a previous post on this issue-

It is just staggering that our govt apparatus today, supposedly made up of well educated sophisticated law makers, can come up with something so thuggishly arbitrary it is as bad as any law made in any brutal criminal totalitarian regime you care to name.

However, the main issue in this post is the corrupt NZ media, and the way it will no doubt en masse continually propagandise for this atrocious attempt at law making. They will do it the same way it was done on QandA today, with lame pro-legislation presenters, typically self invested pro-legislation guests, and wet weak non-events filling the “opposed” slots.

Tyrants have their fatal grip on our country and they are tightening that grip every day by means of the crucial support they get from the corrupted far left controlled fake NZ media. Real journalists would oppose this vile legislation with their dying breath.