New hate speech laws yet another example of Ardern’s tyranny

Who didn’t know this was coming? The minute a long term member and leader of the International Union of Socialist youth became Prime Minister, we knew our most basic liberties were under threat.

Of course the people who voted for Jacinda, that is the besotted feminists and the inner city knuckle draggers who only care about what’s on Netflix and the MacDonald’s menu don’t give a damn.

Liberty is a vague idea that lurks somewhere way back of their brain along with other quaint concepts that their grandfathers sometimes mentioned. “What the hell, pass me the remote partner! Get on to Uber Eats. Let’s binge watch the Vampire Diaries again.”

Meanwhile the most dangerous man in New Zealand is Kris Faafoi, and when he’s not busy setting up a taxpayer funded communist news network that will probably make Australia’s ABC look right wing, he’s launching East German style attacks on our freedom of speech. Threatening to jail citizens for words that might offend him and or the thugs and anti-intellectual neo-Stasi desert culture drones who make up his support group.

A preview of his new laws has been released to a well known communist writer at Newsroom, probably as a balloon to test reactions. The preview indicates that the use of loosely and subjectively defined “hate speech” will be made a criminal offence, with penalties of three years jail.

Meaning that rather than the insipid no-necked Marxists of the Sub-Human Rights Commission, it will be the Police who track you down and arrest you, and it will be the criminal courts who prosecute you. Jacinda’s politicised police force will be kicking down your door and dragging you off to the cells for the following crime-

“the incitement of disharmony, based on an intent to stir up, maintain or normalise hatred, through threatening, abusive or insulting communications.”

So if you incite (what does that mean?) disharmony (what does that mean?), intend to “stir up” (what does that mean?) or “normalise hatred” (what does that mean?) through threatening abusive or insulting communications, then you could be jailed by Faafoi and Ardern’s henchmen.

Jail for abuse or insults. WTF has this country come to? Men didn’t die on the beaches of Normandy for this BS. This law completely betrays their sacrifices.

It is just staggering that our govt apparatus today, supposedly made up of well educated sophisticated law makers, can come up with something so thuggishly arbitrary it is as bad as any law made in any brutal criminal totalitarian regime you care to name.

It has been said many times, but it must be said again. The concept of “hate speech” should not exist in a civilised society, and it is only the barbarians that we have invited through the gates that have brought it upon us.

Hate speech can’t be defined objectively. What is does is give license to soft-headed big govt thugs like Faafoi to jail you for anything he says is hate speech. That so called academics and over-paid shiny arsed bureaucrats endorse this neo-Stasi attack on civilisation is an indicator of just how far down the communist road New Zealand has traveled.

If this barbaric legislation passes into law (as it probably will), it means our Bill of Rights is just useless socialist window dressing. Put there to lull us into a complacent slumber while tyrants in govt just do as they want.

We should never have elected the one time leader of the International Union of Socialist Youth and her thug party, but we did. Twice, and now we’re going to get what is coming to us.