On left/liberal controlled Twitter, truth is hate speech

When I was banned from Twitter, along with a few hundred other NZ conservative users, I received an email accusing me of “violating the Twitter rules”. Specifically (they claimed) I had been guilty of-

Violating our rules against platform manipulation and spam. You may not use Twitter’s services in a manner intended to artificially amplify or suppress information or engage in behavior that manipulates or disrupts people’s experience on Twitter.

Given that in the five years I had been using the platform I had never been banned before, and I was still just doing the same as always, I wrote back to them and asked what had specifically triggered this ban. Of course I received no reply.

We are using truth to tear down the left’s Potemkin village, and they hate it

Twitter’s allegations were a lie and false, and I believe I was banned along with many other critics of the Labour govt because Jacinda Ardern (or her agents) made use of her close relationship with the cowardly little tyrant Jack Dorsey and asked him that he ban us. Someone in the Labour govt provided a list of “unapproved” users to Twitter and they banned everyone on that list.

I wrote on that issue here.

Today they banned James O’Keefe. For the same reason Twitter bans most on the right side of politics. That is speaking the truth that the left are continuously striving to hide.

The gallant Mr. O’Keefe exposed a major organ of the left wing state (CNN) as fakes liars and propagandists, and for bringing that truth to the attention of the public, Twitter banned him. Forever from the platform.

What these tyrannical neo-Stasi actors do not understand is that every time we suffer these injustices, it only hardens our views on what they are, and makes us more resolute in our resistance to their tyranny.

Their actions also confirm that the objective of the left is not to participate in a pluralist democracy, and compete in the battle of ideas, but to suppress all other ideas when it has the power to do so, and press on with obtaining their ultimate objective, the one party state.

One only has to see what is happening in the US today with the false fronted communist powered Biden administration. This twenty year old quote from David Horowitz is happening right in front of our eyes.

“The Democrat political apparatus feeds off the entitlements of the welfare state: social workers, university intellectuals, government bureaucrats and government unions are all clients of the Big Government programs the left promotes.”
The fundamental motivation for Democrats is their understanding that winning control of government is tied to fat cat salaries, feather bedded jobs, government grants, public money for private groups and companies, government contracts and union bargaining advantage. The use of government to feed friends and starve enemies is something Democrats know instinctively. Winning elections means getting or keeping a livelihood.”
It also means using their power to assault truth and gradually snuff out any opposition. The left say they value democracy, but in fact they hate it, and do all they can to subvert it. They are in fact a plague upon democracy, as we see from the actions of Twitter and so many other corporates the left control.