New Zealand media happy to re-transmit CNN lies & propaganda

There is not much trust remaining in NZ media as it is. Most people with a brain know it is owned and staffed by far left political activists who see their job not as bringing us truth but in slowly fashioning the country into what they perceive will be a socialist paradise.

They frequently re-transmit news from overseas sources, and CNN has been one of their favourites. Even when it has been discredited for decades in the eyes of those who can see. CNN is just left wing lies and propaganda. We’ve always known that and now there is inarguable proof.

James O’Keefe through his Veritas organisation has revealed video of conversations with Senior CNN news staff, who decide what is shown on their network. Or if you like, what they should lie about next.

In the video they admit to lying about Biden, about Trump, and state their next campaign of lies will be frightening people about climate change.

Its a devastating blow to CNN’s cover. They can no longer pretend to be unbiased or trusted. The videos released by Veritas reveal the truth of what they are. Cowardly Pravda style political operatives intent on fashioning the USA into a socialist state just like our media here wants to do to New Zealand.

No reputable and or trustworthy news service can ever re-produce “news” from CNN ever again. Note the phrase “reputable and trustworthy”.

None of NZ’s media gives a damn for such unimportant things, so you can bet your house they’ll shamelessly keep on bringing us lies and propaganda from CNN.

They’re mostly progressive/ left wing political activists. They don’t care about truth. Never have and never will.  Veritas video below. (You know you won’t ever see it on NZ media)