Maybe Mediaworks should fire their woke CEO Cameron Wallace

Mediaworks owns Magic Talk radio in Auckland. They recently fired a host for allowing a caller to describe pre-European Maori culture as stone age. Which is in fact the correct geological/ anthropological term as Maori had not yet mastered the art of melding iron, which would have made them iron age.

They let another host go after the Broadcasting Standards Authority alleged he had been guilty of “amplifying negative stereotypes about Maori”.

Mediaworks has sexual harassment and misogyny issues at another of its radio stations, and hired a QC to conduct an independent enquiry. Again, employees found guilty were fired.

So after all this, its puzzling that this same ultra-woke company has hired Martin (Bomber) Bradbury to host a brand new show on Magic Talk. All we can glean from this odd event is that Mediaworks must think abuse of woman is OK if its done by a leftist, and the women suffering that abuse is a perceived right winger.

Or that encouraging a race war in New Zealand is fine, as long as its a leftist doing the encouraging.

Recently Bradbury penned a blog article that attacked ACT MP Karen Chhour in vicious terms like “nothing nobody”, “circus freak” and “raving Redneck fanatic”. who “harvests childrens’ organs”. Quote-

Where does this nothing nobody from the tail end of the ACT Party cavalcade of political circus freaks get off claiming there isn’t institutional racism?

Don’t get me wrong, I totally expect ACT’s Social Development and Children spokesperson to be a foaming eyes glazed over raving redneck fanatic, but it’s so early in the electoral cycle to already be devolving into race baiting.

ACTs policy on children feels like it all revolves around being able to harvest their organs for the free market.

Bradbury then threatens a race war if ACT is ever able to implement policies he disagrees with.

Cameron Wallace, Mediaworks CEO, who a few weeks ago instigated an inquiry into sexual abuse and misogyny, is today happy to hire someone who makes vile and race tinged attacks on female MPs.

He fires a host who allowed a caller to call Maori culture stone age, but has no problem hiring a host who makes incendiary comments encouraging a race war between Maori and the rest of New Zealand.

Rank hypocrisy that suggests Mediawork’s problems whatever they may be today and whatever they might be in the future, start right at the top. With the ultra-woke Cameron Wallace.