One of Tucker Carlson’s most important monologues ever

Tucker Carlson is articulate, coherent, rational and topical, and this means his opening monologues are always worth watching. His opener on Monday 12th April (video embedded below) was one of his best ever, and in it he addresses something I have been saying for so long now. There’s an evil undercurrent, a truth to multi-culturalism that the left seek to keep hidden.

It is hard to find this truth anywhere. Almost right across our political spectrum, and through all NZ political parties, its virtually impossible to find any policy or politician who will speak out against multi-culturalism or to be more specific, mass immigration. If you do, it puts  a target on your back for the left who will immediately attack you as racist, and most people are desperately afraid of this epithet.

However, its not really about racism. The left call you that to keep you quiet because they do not want you talking about the real issue, which is why they’re in a frothing frenzied fit of hatred fear and anger, and trying to get Tucker Carlson cancelled right now.

Tucker, in the video below, exposes the truth the left do not want you to know. That mass immigration has as its ultimate objective, an increase in the vote for left wing parties. Or even an increase in the forces pulling a country leftward.

Tucker is talking about the USA, and how mass immigration from countries whose cultures do not put individualism over big govt is turning Republican states into Democrat states.

Its more or less the same here in New Zealand, and its strange that parties like ACT and National don’t speak out against it, because every time a plane load of immigrants from Communist China, or India, or Polynesia, or Africa, or the Middle East, or even the UK arrives in the country, on average it makes it harder for them to win power.

(“On average” because of course not every immigrant from these countries is a socialist, and we should be so eternally grateful for those who are not).

Everyone, especially NZers, should see Tucker’s monologue, but the sad truth is, only a few will. Its a truth that badly needs bringing to the fore in our society today, but like many such truths, it will be hidden from the greater population for some time yet.