Covid19 police thrown out of church by Polish pastor

Polish people know what so many in the West have yet to learn, as this Canadian pastor demonstrates in his robust defense of freedom. Sadly a rare thing to observe, especially in New Zealand.

He expels a squad of police from his church with an amazing refusal to be intimidated by their authority and their numbers and of course their attire, dark uniforms deliberately intended to instill fear in anyone who may want to resist. The woman who does all the talking is even wearing a pair of jackboots.

Amusingly, the pastor is confused about what to call them, when he yells “Gestapo Nazi communist fascists” but of course it doesn’t really matter as its tyranny he’s objecting to, in whatever form it takes.

The Nazis were indeed the most well known of tyrants, but they were far from the worst. The communists were much more tyrannical, killed far more people, and existed for a far longer period of time. In fact they still exist today, and are tyrannizing people in all corners of the planet.

Watch out for them in your own little neck of the woods.

Watch the video to see the pastor’s refreshing refusal to be intimidated and his inspiring defense of liberty.