“Systemic racism” allegations exposed as fake

If you read the real media, like the Spectator, or Spiked, or Quadrant, or other trusted sources outside the infiltrated and controlled mainstream media, you have always known the Marxist left’s false allegations of racism are just another cowardly political ploy.

An army of left wing political actors aided by the usual mainstream media scum have created this myth with very little pushback from decent people, who have been cowed into silence under threat of losing their job, or being forever stigmatized as a “non-person”.

In the UK they have just released a study which proves claims of systemic or institutionalized racism are a lie. Its proof of what we have always known, but the craven media has persistently refused to acknowledge, that allegations of racism have been used as political leverage to advance Marxist ideas in our societies.

The report from the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, headed by Tony Sewell, does something truly amazing in this day and age. It tells the truth. That race based education gaps are a myth. That race based pay gaps are a myth. The truth that Britain is among the most tolerant and open countries in the world.

As is new Zealand, where the same “systemic racism” lie has the same fake currency. A lie pushed by the same kind of race baiters as in the UK, and perpetrated by the same liars and propagandists in media and academia.

The left are hating on this report and its authors. How long before Tony Sewell is “non-personed”, or will truth and decent people win a battle for once. Over the lying Marxist scum that dominate our media, academic and political sector.