Judith Collins finally fires a shot in the culture war

Judith has made a few mild comments in the past but has never gone quite as far as she did yesterday with strong criticism of the anti-white rhetoric that is teeming down in New Zealand today. She pushed back by saying claims of racism were out of control and over cooked and that in general New Zealanders were not racist and the country was one of the least racist countries in the world.

She was also harshly critical of Race Commissioner Meng Foon’s labelling of the Police as racist, and he must have got the message because he publicly apologised soon after Collins made the comments.

She is clearly a bit lacking in understanding of what is really happening here, and that’s a shame because the National Party really needs to be perfectly clear on what is behind all of this anti-white activity. However its good to see them finally looking like they might make a stand against Cultural Marxism, even if they don’t fully understand it.

Collins wouldn’t be drawn on left wing criticism of the SIS for not investigating white supremacy as a source of terror in New Zealand. She needs to push back on this ridiculous politically motivated issue too. The SIS shouldn’t be wasting taxpayer’s money dancing to the tune of Muslim pressure groups, Green MPS and left media. The SIS director Rebecca Kitteridge needs some guidance and help on this, and the Nats should provide it.

The recording of her discussion with NewstalkZB’s Chris Lynch is below (abridged). Worth a listen.


  • Good to see a but of push-back finally. I still think she’s too woke and too much of a leftist to be leader of the Nats (or PM for that matter). Really enjoying your content, keep it up!


    • Yes, agree pretty much with your sentiments Mike. Thought seeing I’m so critical of her generally, should give her a bit of praise when she does something right:). Thanks for the kind words.