University lecturers are the source of most harmful speech

Pundit Chris Trotter ponders upon the use of the word “harm” as our political class mulls just how they’re going to go about attacking our right to free speech in their new “hate speech” legislation. “Harm” cannot be objectively defined, but since when has pure logic ever mattered to the left wing politicians that plague almost every party today?

However lets assume they mean fomenting hatred towards a sector of society, and for the sake of an example, make it a race or a culture, or persons of certain heritage who are the victims.

Narrow it down a bit to say New Zealanders of European descent, who are being daily vilified by university lecturers teaching modernised versions of NZ history, or Maori studies, or Critical Race Theory, or some other such woke course from those on offer at almost every New Zealand university.

To narrow it down a bit more, should we choose white men, who are not only vilified in the above instances, but also by means of the myriad of feminist courses also on offer at the same universities.

There is immense harm being done by means of the pejorative rhetoric used by lecturers during these courses. European settlers are alleged to have been murderers of women and children, genocidists, land thieves, and even wreckers of the Maori economy. Men are violent rapists, child abusers, and oppressors of various types.

These slanders are daily fed to thousands of impressionable young New Zealanders who will leave university thinking it is all fact. When its actually disgusting politically driven myth.

If ever there is an example of harm being done by speech it is what passes for education in these derelict universities that have been subsumed by political zealots and where real education is the last thing that ever happens. Anti-free speech Stasi should test their hate speech laws against the rhetoric of these pseudo university lecturers before launching them on the public.