Media/political clowns demand quota system for terrorism

Two of the biggest clowns in the media/political combine are demanding that the number of white supremacists on the SIS’s list of terrorists in New Zealand must be equal to the number of Muslims.

So called journalist Tova O’Brien and Green Party list/ Muslim MP Golriz Ghahraman both tried hard yesterday to bully SIS director Rebecca Kitteridge on the issue.

Ghahraman (naturally) accused her of racism (For the zillionth time, Islam is not a race, its a socio/political system combining religion and governance) whereas the drooling idiot O’Brien demanded that she boost the “white supremacy” section to 50% to match the Muslim section. At present Christchurch shooter Brendan Tarrant is the only white supremacist on it. (does he even qualify as a white supremacist?).

Kitteridge appeared bemused by it all, but said the SIS needed to “try harder”. If she’d told the plain truth, that there are no white supremacists to put on the bloody list, she would probably be fired the next day.

The thing is, if Kitteridge claims the SIS is today spending a large portion of its time on “white supremacy”, then who the hell would that be? Given that there are none in NZ, and definitely none that represent the same threat as radical Islam, it has to be the biggest waste of taxpayer dollars, and those dollars are being spent just to appease braying idiots like the two in the pic above.

This is the abject dysfunctional state that Jacinda Ardern and woke lunatics like Ghahraman and O’Brien have brought this country to. Watch their shameful attacks on Kitteridge in the video.