Media’s “white supremacy” narrative destroyed by Muslim shooter in Colorado

The “white supremacy” propaganda from New Zealand’s mainstream media has come down in deluges in recent months. TV One, Stuff, Newshub, The NZ Herald, have all acted as megaphones for Muslim activists and extreme left political activists all seeking to make as much profit as they can from the Christchurch shooting.

Craven politicians and woke police and security agencies have willingly succumbed to this onslaught and promised to set up new spy agencies, increase their surveillance efforts, and virtually run New Zealand like the Stasi ran East Germany. Spying on citizens, raiding their homes, dragging them off to arrest, all on false charges motivated by political ideology.

Hate speech, hate crimes, harmful speech, non-person lists, all subjective nonsense where the bottom line is you can be arrested at anytime if anyone in authority wants to arrest you. And not one NZ political party is taking a stand against this vile communist crap.

Yesterday’s Colorado shooting destroyed the media’s false narrative completely. The old news is it was white supremacy, white men with guns, victimising society like they always have. Oops. The new news is that the shooter was a Muslim posting anti-Trump anti-Christian hate all over social media. While gun control advocates are screaming the usual senseless nonsense, the shootings in Colorado actually represent another massive failure by the politically tainted FBI.

Lets hope NZ’s Security forces and Police are not similarly blind to where the real threats to Western society are most likely to originate. Currently, its looking like they will be.

TV One runs a thousand word article on the shooting without once using the term Muslim. You know if he had not been Muslim the same article would have been profligate with mentions of “white supremacy”. The media in New Zealand are such contemptible cowardly lowlifes and most surely the worst enemies of the people ever.