Cultural elites push to destroy New Zealand’s social cohesion

You would have to be deaf dumb and blind not to notice the accelerated campaign from Media and Academic elite to divide New Zealand on race. For the last six months there has been a concerted focus on separatism, or Maori sovereignty, and “racism”. A tidal wave of lies that need to be faced down by truth.

Here is the first truth. There is no racism. Its a lie. A beat up. A politically motivated deception. Driven by a clique of disgusting lowlife who wish to destroy New Zealand’s social cohesion for their own political advantage. This country goes through massive internal contortions to ensure an absence of racism or separatism in our society, and its time these efforts were recognised and appreciated.

Here is the second truth. There was no prolonged serious and overwhelming injustice done to Maori. There was no “invasion”, for there was in fact no country to invade. The three islands we now call New Zealand never came into being as a country until they were settled by mainly English pioneers who established law and order, a parliamentary system, and funded an Army and Navy to defend against any real invasion. From Indonesia or Spain or whatever country further afield may have fancied it.

The country today called New Zealand came into being by the natural passage of time, and nothing that happened in the past, seen in its proper historical context, even came close to such events as for example the Nazi holocausts of Germany, or the genocide in the Ukraine, as claimed by lowlife politicians seeking publicity and career advancement by voicing these smears.

Who are these lying political charlatans who constantly rail against this truth? Most of our media, those stinking Marxist activists and propagandists who pretend to be journalists, and most of academia. The denizens of those decrepit sovietised institutions that were once places of learning but are now sausage factories where gullible youth are indoctrinated into the most indecent cults, and emerge flavoured with every vile idea that Critical Theory and Critical Race Theory in particular can coat them with.

Why do they do it? Entirely selfish reasons. All the lies, all the vile attacks on decent New Zealanders, all the fake allegations of racism, the fraudulent accusations of stolen land, the smears of genocide, they’re all spoken by self serving race baiting grifters seeking only to gain personal and collective political advancement.

What can New Zealanders who are the victims of these cowardly smears do about it? The most obvious counter is to make sure the media never get one dollar of your money, and even less in moral support. Drive them broke for their lies and smears. The govt is going broke too, and cannot keep propping them up forever. They will die if we ignore them.

Academia is a slightly more difficult enemy. All tenured and well ensconced, there’s little the public can do except pressure politicians to take action. There is no way most of these politically corrupt institutions should be receiving taxpayer funding and we must elect politicians who will stop it.

As a sample of the immensely stupid drivel that passes for academic study at our educational facilities, here is a Doctor (for God’s sake), and a lecturer in Maori Studies at Victoria University, speaking during the recent Qanda talk fest on immigration. Its impossible to make sense of her rambling boilerplate victimised utterances. The country is drowning in this kind of irrational deceitful balderdash and for the sake of a unified and cohesive nation, it has to stop.

Tell your local politician that if he/she wants your vote, they must defund these hate factories.