Vile name calling by a privileged commie stooge

If we had any kind of mature responsible Ministers in Govt, this disgusting little hate mongering reptile Meng Foon would have been fired on the spot yesterday. We don’t of course. Labour is made up a a bunch of clueless infants who duck and dive and dodge and don’t have the faintest idea of the concept of ministerial responsibility.

Foon’s penchant for divisive name calling and unsubstantiated smears reached a peak when he viciously attacked the police as racist during an interview with NewstalkZB’s Mike Hosking yesterday. He also attacked the makers of the TV show Police Ten 7 as racist. This is all because the program shows more “brown people” (his words) being arrested than any other race.

Foon ventured the unbelievably idiotic opinion that if the show is not cancelled, then it should establish a quota system, and make sure scenes of arrests etc are racially balanced.

Normally one might say that Foon’s whining is just another example of typical Marxist speak, Critical Race Theory, but really, it is past that. He’s just a vile cowardly little smear merchant hiding under the cover of his office as Race Commissioner.

Police Association president Chris Cahill has called for Foon to retract his smears.

“This blanket assertion from Mr Foon is nothing less than a body blow to the many hard-working police officers, including Māori, Pasifika, Asian, Indian, Pakistani and those from other diverse backgrounds who make up the New Zealand Police, but have now been lumped in one ‘racist’ basket.”

These milling communist punks who call themselves the Labour Govt won’t fire him, but Foon should be the first one down the road if any responsible govt ever takes over. The appalling interview is in the video below.