Jacinda’s favourite world leader guilty of hate speech?

In another blow to the “diversity is strength” propagandists, liberal Denmark had decided to regulate the number of immigrants allowed to settle in selected regions. Quote-

The proposal aims to have no residential area in the country have a population of more than 30 per cent non-Western migrants within the next decade, with Interior and Housing Minister Kaare Dybvad Bek stating the move is to counter ghettoisation.

Ghetto areas are defined under Danish law as areas of at least 1,000 people where the proportion of migrants and non-Western migrant backgrounds exceeds 50 per cent. Other criteria include high unemployment, low education levels among adults, low incomes, and criminal convictions for narcotics or firearms violations.

The proposal comes just months after the government of Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen vowed to crack down on crimes committed by young non-Western men, after noting that 20 per cent of non-Western men born in 1997 had breached the penal code before the age of 21. She said-

“It’s nothing new, and that’s the problem: it’s been going on for too many years. Girls are called derogatory things because they are Danish. Or girls are subjected to social control because they have become too Danish. A sausage cart in Brønshøj is attacked with firecrackers because it sells pork,”

Earlier this year, the Danish government leader set a target of receiving zero new asylum seekers, saying:

“We must be careful that there are not too many coming to our country. Otherwise, our cohesion cannot exist. It’s already challenged.”

Two funny things about this. The first is NZ PM Jacinda Ardern nominated Mette Frederiksen as her favourite international leader. The second thing is that in Ardern’s New Zealand, if you dare to speak as Mette has spoken, you risk being charged with hate crime/speech and/ or put on some secret Stasi style govt list.

Sourced from Breitbart