Ardern’s threat to resign a sign of chaotic failing govt

Labour is at least intelligent enough to be grateful for the occurrence of Covid19. They know that if it weren’t for this over-hyped distraction from the realities of governing, they’d be seen for what they really are. That is a useless bunch of bumbling nitwits staggering from one policy disaster to the next while they pander vacuously to lame Marxist ideas that just irritate the hell out of anyone paying attention.

Strong rumours have arisen over the last few days claiming that Jacinda lost her temper on Friday last and made a real threat to immediately resign. Her threat was apparently in response to constant criticism from those on the further left of Labour that she is not doing enough of what they think should be done, ie spending non-existent money on impractical ideas rooted in archaic communist ideology.

Ardern’s frustration with this criticism is not unwarranted. She probably knows what the idiots of the far left don’t know, and that economically speaking, New Zealand is in dire straits. Whereas politically partisan so called “economists” go on about NZ’s percentage of debt to GDP being relatively low by world standards, Jacinda and Robertson know the reality that the cupboard is bare. No matter what the rate of borrowing, it still has to have the interest and principle repaid, and when all you have is freshly printed paper money artificially boosting GDP, how do you do that?

The bottom line is the country is in abject chaos and there is no money to do anything real. The last thing Jacinda needs while dealing with the depressing and agonising reality of her inept bungling is stupid communists (like Michael Cullen) snapping at her heels demanding the bungling be accelerated.

Ardern may have relented on her threat this time, but there’s another threat not far away, and as time goes by and New Zealand falls deeper into chaos, the relief offered by resignation will look more and more appealing to the showgirl. Ardern has always known she is a mere imposter. Its why she never really wanted the job in the first place.