Black Lives Matter behind massive increase in attacks on UK Police

Breitbart highlights a report from August 2020 that revealed London police had seen a 38 per cent increase in attacks on officers between May and July, compared to the same period the year before. The Met said that policing protests, including Black Lives Matter demonstrations, “contributed” to the rise.

Whereas these levels of violence are pretty appalling, how much blame are the Police due for their “woke” and selective style of policing. Of the type that NZ Police Commissioner Andrew Coster full embraces when he says he “polices by consent”.

UK Police are often seen violently arresting people who break covid19 regulations, or arresting people in their homes for Facebook posts, while riots carried out by immigrant groups and BLM are tolerated and even on occasions protected by the Police from counter protesters.

In fact on some occasions, Police even “took the knee” with BLM.

Police have been politicised and that’s why they are unable to adopt the universally acknowledged requirement of a force to uphold the law ‘without fear or favour’. Consequently public respect for the force has fallen to an all time low.

Its time we elected politicians who will replace these woke Police Commanders with old fashioned doers who know that justice must be blind otherwise it isn’t justice. No special treatment, least of all for Marxist groups whose mission is through violence, subversion and insurrection to render split and weaken our society as much as they can.