When is an expert just a drooling far left moron?

New Zealand’s media is basically just a corrupt and partisan propaganda force that combines with its far left colleagues in academia to hoodwink the NZ public on just about every issue. Surveys show lack of trust in media has never been lower, and why should this surprise anyone when the its daily output is so radical its makes itself a joke.

One of its most common deceits is to drag some blinkered derelict far left “professor” out from his cloistered staffroom and call him an expert. If you need another “expert” to back him up, pull some likewise derelict member of the commentariat out, preferably a bubble living commie who doesn’t do much but read books by left wing authors and sit around growing fat.

State funded Radio New Zealand is often guilty of engineering the above type of farce, mainly because its run by punk communists who see their role as bringing down the current “ruling structure” and replacing it with a far left one party dictatorship of the kind that exists in North Korea. Except the dictatorship will be race based, and consist of any number of predominantly white European Marxists who self identify as Maori.

Radio NZ’s favourite gambit is beating the dead horse of “white supremacy”, and almost on a regular weekly basis brings out silly old Massey Professor Paul Spoonley and his drooling idiot mate Paul Buchanan, and they jointly rattle on about the massive threat to the NZ public’s safety posed by their favourite bogey men.

Today these painful idiots go further than usual, and suggest its a major failing of policy that there are no right wing groups on NZ’s list of terrorist organisations. The reason there aren’t any listed is fairly logical. There are none. However this simple fact is never going to stop the frantic Messrs Spoonley and Buchanan, who not long ago were advocating that the NZ branch of Antifa receive public funding so they can search for these mythical groups.

The Prime Minister has the right to add anyone she sees fit to this list, and Mr Buchanan is saying she should abuse this right by adding people who are not terrorists, but maybe possibly could be perhaps some time far in the future.

Radio NZ then goes on to report an appalling rant from Mr Buchanan where he advocates for actions that are reminiscent of how the communist security force Stasi operated in East Germany during the cold war. Says Mr Buchanan-

“But we don’t need to wait until a member of a right wing group commits an act or an act of violence of any sword much less mass violence for them to be considered terrorists, or they are simply terrorists and name before the deed, and then as you know, people come down and keep their nasty views to themselves, you will have dissipated the threat without firing a shot.”

This is just the most appalling abuse of the list, and a despicable attack on free speech and natural justice. People will be added to the list why? Because drooling far left fruit cakes like Spoonley and Buchanan say they should be?

Spoonley of course enthusiastically echoes Buchanan’s idiocy, and reveals there is already work underway to add New Zealanders to this list. In other words categorise groups hitherto unknown as equal to the threat posed by Al-Shabaab, ISIL Sinai and the IRA-

“So I am aware that there’s quite a bit of work being done by various Government departments, including the group that advise the Prime Minister on who should be on this list, to update and broaden and identify those groups in a way that’s much more appropriate in the wake of the Christchurch shooting.”

The Christchurch shooting was an aberrant act that should not play any major part in framing govt policy, especially at the urging of self interested politically partisan leftists like Buchanan and Spoonley and especially the idiot communists who have taken over at Radio New Zealand.

The real threat to NZ is that apparently no one is pushing back against the delusional ramblings of these farcical “experts” and their propaganda unit at RNZ.

The East German Stasi was one of the worst terror groups of all time. The last thing we want is a modernised version in NZ, staffed by thug jerkoffs like the above, and pretending to be protecting us when they’re in fact society’s worst enemy themselves.

Ask the 200,000 innocent East Germans who the Stasi tortured and locked up during the time they terrorised Berlin and other parts of Germany. Before it all collapsed under the weight of political and commercial reality, and a rebellion by its spied upon and imprisoned citizens.