New Zealand’s greatest broadcaster reads

Leighton Smith was the reason I stopped listening to New Zealand radio. He quit, and after that, there was no one IMHO worth listening to. A strong Conservative with the best broadcasting voice in the country, he was a regular favourite. Along with my two other favourites, US broadcasters Mark Levin and the late Rush Limbaugh.

Now I listen to his podcasts, and so should you, because in his latest he reads a post from this blog. The post was on an article Leighton feels strongly about, and so do I. Namely the teaching of the insidious evil of Critical Race Theory to schoolkids, or even, God save us, to pre-school kids.

Click here to go to the post.

Leighton makes the excellent point that Critical Race Theory is merely a re-hashed version of traditional Marxist tracts with words such as proletariat, bourgeoisie, oppressor and oppressed replaced by or used in conjunction with race connected words and phrases.

The section of his podcast where he refers to is in the video below (abridged). I recommend you listen to the whole podcast, where he also discusses Maori separatism/ sovereignty with another great Conservative crusader, Muriel Newman. Click here to go to it. (Episode 102)

Somewhere I have a draft post written a long time ago advocating for Leighton to become leader of the National Party. I have never published it because I don’t think he would want to be leader, which is a shame, as the ideologically adrift Nats and the country both need him.

Nevertheless, its not hard to understand why he wouldn’t want the job. Especially since the left have shown with their attacks on Donald Trump their utter vile desperate hatred for anyone who really opposes them.

If you read this Leighton, thanks for the mention, and hope you can keep those excellent podcasts coming for a long time yet.