“Unlearning” racism, a Marxist ploy to brainwash our kids

Critical Race Theory will be taught not only to NZ primary and secondary school pupils, but also to pre-schoolers. Race Commissioner Meng Foon is backing a teaching initiative aimed at “unlearning” racism. You know this is just another sick despicable Marxist ploy to brainwash our children.

Meng Foon is IMHO a dangerous fool driving hate and division in NZ, an outcome that is the very opposite of what his dept was set up for. If the National Party were a true opposition, they’d be advocating for the firing of this misguided hate merchant and the disbanding of his socially divisive office.

Don’t forget the Education Dept is totally failing to teach reading writing science and maths, but apparently they still have time for this nonsense, which is really a parental issue and should be kept right out of classrooms, and especially our pre-schools.