No-Fight Nats have surrendered education to the communists

Pleased to see a few state governors in the US taking a stand against an almost totally Sovietized federal education system. Marxists have taken over schooling almost completely. That’s why students can’t read write or do arithmetic or science, but know all about colonialism and climate change. And don’t forget racism.

Almost everything in schools today is seen through the prism of racism, and its an evil state of affairs that the left have engineered with very little resistance from those who should have resisted.

The problem in New Zealand is every bit as bad as in the United States, but still the political parties that should oppose this dirty stinking perversion of children’s minds do not seem awake to how serious things are. If only they could realise that media (also deeply infected with Marxism) and academia are not the voting demographic they serve.

They serve us. The normal working people who want our kids to be educated not indoctrinated with a tired outdated useless poisonous ideology that brings disaster and disappointment anywhere it manages to get a foothold.

Ron De Santis is the Governor of Florida. He knows what is going on in schools, and he knows his constituents want it stopped. He has stated he will not provide state govt funding for any school teaching any form of Critical Race Theory. Its about time the Nats and ACT spoke out as strongly as Mr De Santis.

If any Nats are reading this, then listen to Ron De Santis, and start saying the same things here. You should have been saying it years ago.