Even our intelligence operatives are woke these days

Have to say the words of Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Director Mike Burgess, delivered as he updated Australia on current threat levels yesterday, are a bit worrying. He said-

“Extreme right-wing propaganda used COVID to portray governments as oppressors, and globalisation, multiculturalism and democracy as flawed and failing.”

Well, there is a mix of things there, but how can Mr Burgess categorise these ideas as “extreme”, or even as entirely right wing, considering many on the left would agree with them as well. These views are just democracy at work, and people should not be under investigation by ASIO for being curious about or agreeing with any of them. Mr Burgess also said

“Today’s ideological extremist is more likely to be motivated by a social or economic grievance than national socialism. More often than not, they are young, well-educated, articulate and middle class — and not easily identified.”

Once again, it seems to be drawing a long bow to define such characteristics as indicators of “extremism”. One wonders what are the real defining issues. Disagreement with Cultural Marxist dictates?

Chart shows Islam and Communism to be leaders in global terrorism https://www.statista.com/statistics/937553/terrorism-most-active-perpetrator-groups-worldwide/

Mr Burgess also announced that ASIO would from now on be using the woke terms “religiously motivated violent extremism” and “ideologically motivated violent extremism” instead of the customary terms Islamic extremism and right-wing extremism.

Isn’t Islamic extremism both religious and ideologically motivated? ASIO should just stop gas lighting far right extremism to appease critics on the left, call a spade a spade and get on with the bloody job of keeping Australia safe from the main threat that exists right across the Western world, and this is clearly Islamic extremism. (With communism next on the scale.)

Mr Burgess says there were “several cases of religiously motivated attacks in Australia last year inspired by the Islamic state”. Case closed right? In his heart, Mr Burgess must know that all this woke stuff is just left wing BS and no help to him in his real task.