Judith Collins is bloody hopeless, get rid of her now!

Its not a question of Judith going, its more a question of when, and who should replace her. It can’t be the equally woke lefty Christopher Luxon. It could be Simon Bridges. Its more likely to be someone new. A storming outspoken conservative with the communication skills of Nigel Farage to demolish the left and their insanely woke BS. Its easy to do if you have the right mindset. Judith clearly does not.

The main issue with the current batch of Nats is the same issue that underpins their leadership problems, and that issue is a lack of political unity. Under the false mantra that National is a big tent party, too many far left progressives have joined and created a faction that exists in direct opposition to the party’s founding principles.

Its not just a split, its a massive cavernous rift that cannot be healed while these factions exist. Therefore those left wingers who cannot sign on to the party’s founding principles have to go off and either join other parties or form their own MMP contender.

Until this happens the party won’t have the leadership solidified and settled and neither will it be able to mount an effective opposition to the govt. At the moment, the left liberals who carry so much weight within are crippling National’s ability to mix it with Labour. Too many opportunities are just going unused.

After years of undermining the principles of the party Collins has to go, and she should really take the liberals who engineered her leadership with her. You know who they are.