Few would pay voluntarily for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Whenever its faced with accusations of bias, the ABC points to survey it claims show it is the most trusted news service in Australia.

A new survey conducted by True North Strategy puts this claim into serious doubt. When asked whether they think the ABC is “more left wing” or “more right wing”, almost two thirds (66.1 per cent) of respondents said the national broadcaster was more “left wing.”

Furthermore, almost four out of five Australians (79.2 per cent) would not subscribe to ABC television if it were to become a subscription service like streaming giant Netflix. In other words, the so called “most trusted name in news” is something the greater majority of the public would not pay one red cent for.

At the moment all Australian taxpayers are forced to fund the ABC which has a budget of over one billion dollars. Its a crime that this money goes to a crazed extreme left propaganda device that was long ago taken from the Australian public by the thug partisan actors who control it today.

This survey seems to indicate it has little worth as a broadcaster. How can it be sold as a money making business if no one wants to subscribe to it?

Close it down. Its a vicious poisonous scab on the Australian democratic process.