Liars at Stuff News have not apologised to the public

When the truth became too obvious to be concealed any longer, the Washington Post apologised for its hate Trump lies. News outlets in New Zealand who gleefully repeated those lies have not.

NZ Stuff News republished the same news that CNN and the Washington Post have walked back on, but searching uncovers no similar apology from Stuff. One can imagine the conversation in the Stuff Newsroom.

“Heck, why worry right. It was just another lie about Trump, and he fully deserved every lie we ever wrote about him so too bad”.

The corrupt corporate media was caught out using falsified quotes to push their narrative about former President Donald Trump’s phone call concerning 2020 election fraud with the Georgia Secretary of State’s office in December. Here’s a copy of what Stuff wrote

Donald Trump pressured Georgia to ‘find the fraud’ in earlier call

While election officials in Georgia were verifying signatures on absentee ballot envelopes in one metro-Atlanta county, US President Donald Trump pressed a lead investigator to “find the fraud” and said it would make the investigator a national hero.

The December call, described by a person familiar with it who spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to describe the sensitive nature of the discussion, is yet another link in the chain of the extraordinary pressure campaign waged by Trump on state officials as he sought to overturn the results of the November election, which he lost to Democrat Joe Biden.

Recently released audio of the call shows this was a complete fabrication. In actuality, Trump merely urged the investigator to scrutinize ballots in Fulton County(Georgia) asserting she would find “dishonesty” there. He also told her that she had “the most important job in the country right now.”

So the report Stuff published was based on a bare naked lie. The Washington Post says it fact checks its articles. Which is just another lie, for its fact checkers are obviously as partisan and fake as the so called journalists they check. Rumour has it the source was a left wing operative, so any objective news service should have been suspicious anyway.

Stuff’s new owner Sinead Boucher said this a year ago after she bought the publication for $1.00

“Everything we do now is about building on levels of public trust and in a measurable way, increasing those over months and years,”

So where’s the apology for lying about President Trump Sinead, or was that fine sounding statement just another cynical liberal lie?