National’s election report is itself another stupid mistake

There’s too much said about the National Party, that bunch of largely confused surrender monkeys many people would prefer to ignore. However they keep bringing attention to themselves for all the wrong reasons, and the recent report they commissioned into their loss of the last election is another example.

Firstly the report didn’t need to be written. Its obvious why they lost the election. The report is just a woke style excuse for National’s inability to deal with the problem internally. Secondly, it was written by the wrong people, and is therefore probably worthless in terms of real political strategy.

Thirdly, because of its politically damaging criticisms, it has to be kept secret, a circumstance which just gives the party’s enemies so much ammunition. The report should never have been written, and its commissioning was another idiotic mistake by the party’s management, including leader Judith Collins and President Peter Goodfellow.

Who wrote the report? Probably some more of the kind of nitwit progressive political consultants whose advice lead National to the disaster of the 2020 election. It will no doubt say National has to “keep up with the times”, meaning they should continue to surrender to Cultural Marxism, the most successful strategy the left have ever come up with especially as the Nats still haven’t caught on to it.

When they have weakly and submissively allowed the left to infiltrate every institution and take control of our media and academia, why should they ever expect to win an election again? After these massive strategic losses there’s not much they can do. Except try and become more woke than Labour, which I’m told is what the report recommends.