Jacinda Ardern’s and Andrew Little’s cultural treachery

Friday afternoon is usually when govt makes announcements they  think might be a bit unpopular. Today, they announced millions of dollars to underpin the growth of Islam as a cultural identity in New Zealand.

After conducting meetings across the country with Muslim groups to discuss the findings in the report of the Royal Commission into the Christchurch shootings, Andrew Little has announced that the govt intends to-

provide a pathway into the Public Service for skilled graduates from ethnic communities, with the added benefit of bringing broader cultural competency across the Public Sector.

establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry Ethnic and Faith Community Engagement Response Fund to help minority ethnic and faith communities engage with Government

make $3.255 million available to provide a broader range of communities with funding to upgrade and implement security measures intended to reduce the risk of a potential attack and increase their feeling of safety.

$1m will also be spent over three years to help minority ethnic and faith communities engage with the government and inform its response to the Royal Commission. The report itself said-

There are deep concerns about racism and faith-based bullying and discrimination in our schools. Many told (Muslims) us they were concerned about the cultural competency of teachers and principals, which they felt hindered schools being able to respond to incidents effectively and appropriately,”

The government was asked to provide better training for staff and to include religious and cultural education programs into school curriculums.

Whatever happened to our secular education system, and the rage of liberals if ever there was the slightest hint of Christianity being taught in schools? How will the curriculum cope with this when, distracted by so many other issues it has usurped from parents, it is already struggling to teach the basics?

Islam is milking the horror and guilt New Zealanders feel for the Christchurch event to an unseemly extent, and are using it to advance their political ambitions. Someone needs to start a political pushback, and as usual, the National Party is struck mute when it needs to be speaking out.

Nobody has ever justified the need for cultural change in New Zealand, and its time those objecting to it were no longer vilified as racists or suffering from phobia. Anyone who has ever lived in an Islamic country knows cultural tolerance is no two way street.

(Note: I suspect some of this funding on “security” could be going to the Antifa group Paparoa. if this is so then someone need to be fired. They won’t be. NZers voted for this insanity in droves when they elected Jacinda)

Watch the video below to see how we have been betrayed by our cultural elite.